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4+ Consulting Quotation Templates in Google Docs | Google Sheets | XLS | Word | Pages | Numbers | PDF

Whether you’re working in a private office or have been hired permanently by a company, as a consultant you probably have a lot of responsibilities acting as the bridge between clients and companies. A consulting proposal aids you in these tasks. It is necessary that you know how to write the proposal and these consulting quotation templates can be of great help.

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4+ Consulting Quotation Templates

1. IT Consulting Quotation Template

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Size: A4, US


Wondering how to write a proper and convincing consulting quotation for your IT-based client? Check out this IT consulting quotation sample template. They are very simple and easy to use and are instantly downloadable, editable & printable. They include original and suggestive wordings written by professional writers.

2. Basic Consulting Quotation Template

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Consulting is a broad term that includes a lot of varied roles and responsibilities. As a consultant, you have to act as an assistant and a supervisor, both. This means that you have the burden of a lot of tasks. Use this business quotation templates to help you out in fulfilling your tasks. The basic consulting quotation template allows you to easily create a consulting proposal.

3. Request for Quotation for Consulting Services

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More often than not, almost all companies require consulting services. Problems or concerns arise that require solutions that can be provided only through consulting services. If you are looking for formal quotation templates. for your company, check out this template. This helps you in finding consulting quotations or proposals according to the requirements of your company.

8 Steps to Write a Consulting Quotation

Step 1: Determine the ‘What’ and ‘Why’

Before starting to make a consulting proposal, you as a consultant need to know and understand the job; what is it that the client wants and why are you doing it. Without having a proper understanding of your job, you cannot write a proposal or quotation.

Step 2: Remember the Letterhead

Do not forget to prepare the quote on the official company letterhead so that it can be claimed easily in the event of any dispute or misunderstanding.

Step 3: Outline Your Skills

Before writing the proposal, you need to make the company understand why you’re the aptest candidate for the job. You can do this by highlighting your skills according to the requirements of the client. This way the client will be able to see why and how you would benefit the client.

Step 4: Names and Info of Both Client and Consultant

At the top of the page, the first thing you need to write is the name and contact information of both the client as well as the consultant.

Step 5: Specify the Solutions

Think about the problems that the client needs you to deal with. You need to think about the solutions that you can provide to these problems and specify them. You also need to specify the time frame of these tasks.

Step 6: Enlist Services and Charges

Once you know what the problems are and have decided upon the solutions and how to provide them, you need to enlist the service or services that you will be provided to implement the solutions. If you are dealing with more than one kind of field, you need to classify the services into different categories, respectively. You also need to provide the charges for each service along with the payment procedure, alongside the services.

Step 7: Mention Discount and Terms and Conditions

If you are providing the client with any special discount or discounts, you need to mention them below the services and charges. The terms and conditions also need to be given so that there can be an agreement of the proposal or quote.

Step 8: Authorise the Quote

Lastly, authorize the quote before handing it over to the client.

4. Simple Consulting Quotation Template

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  • PDF

Size: 145.1 KB


If issues are arising in your company that requires resolving through consulting, you probably need the services of a consultant or consulting company. For this, you need to look for the right consultant to suit your needs and provide the required kind of services, and this quotation sample is the solution. The simple consulting quotation template can assist you in your tasks.

5. Standard Consulting Quotation Template

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Size: 191.9 KB


The consultant that serviced your rival company, might not be able to provide similar services according to the needs of your company. Hiring a consultant requires research and study before you can make the final decision. If you require help in this process, the Standard Consulting Quotation Template is here for you. You can use this sample business quotations for your convenience.

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