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9+ Best Bootstrap Admin Templates & Themes

If you run a bootstrap site then this is probably going to impress you. Pump life into your admin page by using one of these hundreds of themes designed especially to make your job easy for you. All the bootstrap admin templates are bootstrap backed and support all the latest browsers.

Clean Design Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template – $24

This is an independent theme layout that comes with 6 different layout options for this theme. It can fit to size when loaded on desktop, laptop, or mobile. Contextual web apps are also a part of this responsive design. It has 3 columns, 3 dashboards, animations, and umpteen customizable options.

Perfectly Designed Responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme – $18

inspinia responsive admin theme 788x
This layout can be used in multiple applications and has extended functionality. Only latest browsers can load this theme. It does not have backward compatibility. Layout has fixed width and has 6 libraries, 4 dashboards and web apps. This is a highly responsive template for bootstrap admins.

Unique Layout HTML5 and CSS3 Bootstrap Admin Template – $24

quirk bootstrap admin template 788x

Premium Flat UI Admin Dashboard Template – $18

rock admin dashboard template 788x
This web layout comes with single and extended license. It has an interesting user interface with many dashboards, admin panels, animations, functionality for file uploads and more. Admins can make their work interesting with this colorful layout. It opens with all browsers.

Stylish Look Bootstrap Admin Template Framework – $24

admindesigns bootstrap admin template framework 788x350
Admins who deal with metrics, scheduled events and other activities that need organization can use this template. It comes with many admin plug-in and forms. This is the right tool for documentation and a dashboard. Colors can also be used to highlight different jobs.

Simple Fixed-width Bootstrap Admin Template – $18

angle bootstrap admin template 788x60
This is a highly responsive template that comes with extended functionality for multiple projects. A dashboard, an admin panel, and many applications are preloaded into this template. Users can run any web application using this template. This is only compatible with the latest browsers.

Clean Design Perfect Angular Bootstrap Admin Template – $22

materialism angular bootstrap admin template 788x
This is a minimalistic design with all the plugins in place. A dashboard, an admin panel, and built in with Angular JS, admins can get their work done easily. This is a well documented template and can be loaded in all known browsers.

Powerful Widget Panels Bootstrap Admin Template Free Download

sb admin 788x
Admins who are looking for JQuery plugins can use this theme. It has three custom panels in red, green, and yellow color. All kinds of bootstrap components are loaded. You can start with a blank page for a new project using this theme.

Modern & Flexible Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template – $22

proui responsive bootstrap admin template 788x
This is a beautiful theme in black and blue colors and a white background. This is a responsive layout with a dashboard, admin panel, and has a good collection of widgets. It comes preloaded with Bootstrap 3. It has inbuilt 6 new themes.

These free bootstrap templates have a responsive sidebar menu with multiple level dropdowns. The powerful customizations let you change everything from the graph style (bar or pie for example) and fluid response length to data layout and chart placement. Check out the samples here and download these premium themes for free from here.

These smart admin templates with minimalistic design and advanced features offer a gamut of choices to the user. Perfectly suited to suit the social media requirements and captivate the audience, apart from ease of use, these bootstrap admin templates are responsive and easy to load as well. You can make a choice as per your requirement.

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