Bootstrap Templates

Once you start Bootstrap there is simply no going back. These templates are guaranteed forever free and open source. They are simple and provide easy download and installation guides which allow any developer to use them perfectly. There are thousands of themes and hundreds of categories one can choose from, making it possible to pick your eCommerce website template and your fashion blog template from the same source Read More

Why choose Bootstrap Templates-

The main website is filled with options of one page freelancer templates, agency themes, neat blogging templates and the very necessary one page multi-purpose templates which can literally be stretched to cover all your website needs. So these HTML5 and CSS3 framework templates help you to start your own webapps and websites without having to spend a fortune for professional help. These are mostly built with Sass and Compass which includes well organized .scss files.

A little more about Bootstrap Templates Today-

The most prominent and trademark traits of these templates include the predefined colors, pinned navigation bars, auto hide options, multiple choice of home pages, a fully functional AJAX contact form and newsletter along with other icon and logo options which help you give a personal touch to your own website. Multiple layout options are also as common among the Bootstrap templates. Image sliders and carousel image displays make the websites really attractive and easy to navigate. Integration of Google maps, Google fonts and free updates make them the darling of all developers.