49+ Bootstrap Dashboard Themes & Templates


The admin dashboard is a highly functional aspect of any website that allows you to check the performance of your website or business online. Below you have a splendid range of admin dashboard templates built in modern Bootstrap framework. Almost all are cross browser compatible and follow responsive design. You will generally have premium plugins attached with the template to ensure a more functional dashboard. Then, most of the templates allow several color schemes for easy customization.You may see Bootstrap dashboard example free.

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Monster Admin Dashboard Admin Dashboard Theme – $19

monsteradmin dashboard admin dashboard theme1

You have a professional admin dashboard template here with Admin forms integrated in it. The template comes with a good range of great features such as

  • Five skins
  • Clean and valid design
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Ultra responsive template layout
  • High end plugin with easy installation
  • Various menus
  • Multiple pages

AdminPlus Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template – $23

adminplus premium bootstrap 4 admin dashboard temp

This Bootstrap 4 smart admin template comes with various modern themes. It comes with admin dashboard, custom pages & components, 6 months support and so on. The other features include:

  • Four themes
  • More than 150 UI components
  • Fully responsive design
  • Retina ready
  • Lifetime updates for free

Supportive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – $30

supportive bootstrap admin dashboard template1

If you are looking for a responsive admin dashboard template, this Bootstrap template here would be great for you any day. It’s backed by some real cool features including:

  • Clean, Intuitive and Fully Responsive Metro Style Design(works on all major browsers, tablets and phones)
  • 500+ Valid Template Pages
  • Bootstrap 3.3.7 Framework
  • jQuery 1.12.4
  • 6 Color Themes
  • Full SASS Support
  • Full RTL Support

Chain Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template – $24

chain responsive bootstrap 3 admin template11

You have an Angular JS dashboard admin template here that is built on Bootstrap 3. It follows a modern and clean design and guarantees completely responsive outlook. It’s main features include:

  • Retina ready
  • 3 types of graphs
  • Various useful UI elements
  • Forms
  • Message template
  • Enhanced checkboxes
  • Tables maps

Responsive Admin Webapp Dashboard Template – $21

responsive admin webapp dashboard template1

You are getting a next-gen website admin dashboard template here that scores high with its unique transparent outlook. It has got a HTML5 advanced gradient background and best plugins. It’s other features are:

  • Fully responsive
  • Three color schemes
  • Light design
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • UI elements
  • Tables

Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Dashboard Template – $20

responsive bootstrap 3 admin dashboard template 1

You have a beautiful and responsive admin dashboard template here with amazing features for your absolute convenience. The wide range of features here are:

  • Full-page inbox and calendar demo
  • AngularJS web app
  • Form validation in real time
  • Multiple colors option
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Several widgets & components

You are getting a fully responsive and flat admin template here in Bootstrap framework. It comes with great UI components that are reusable, jQuery plugins and many other interesting features like:

  • Retina ready
  • Multilevel menu
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Google Maps
  • Stats Metrics
  • Charts
  • panels

Ultimate Simple Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $20

ultimate simple admin dashboard bootstrap template1

You have a very functional Bootstrap CRM and admin dashboard template here in complete responsive design. The template is packed with a wide range of smart features such as dashboard widgets, easy email marketing and website management facility, expense and income tracking, multilingual UI, customer management and many more great characteristics.

Perfect Clean Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – $18

perfect clean bootstrap admin dashboard template11

Designing a dynamic web page becomes easy with the aforesaid bootstrap template. It offers all the important functions that are needed to create a powerful admin dashboard and an interactive website. Most matrimony websites are designed using similar templates.

Admin Panel Dashboard Angular JS Bootstrap Template – $25

admin panel dashboard angular js template1

This Angular JS admin dashboard template is cool and engaging anyday. The Bootstrap template assures comprehensive frontend and backend management and there are several useful features:

  • More than 4 dashboard styles
  • More than 60 full developed pages
  • Over 20 functional widgets
  • Live Stats updates
  • Live chat feature

Analytic Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $12

analaytic admin dashboard bootstrap template1

Premium Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – $20

responsive bootstrap admin template1

You have a Twitter Bootstrap admin dashboard template here which speaks of a responsive design. It is packed with a cool number of features such as :

  • Fully customizable
  • jQuery powered template
  • fifteen color schemes
  • infinite multiple level menu
  • RTL support
  • Loading animation
  • More than 1600 font icons

Responsive WebApp Bootstrap Dashboard Template – $15

responsive webapp bootstrap dashboard templat1

Simple & Clean Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – $25

simple clean bootstrap admin dashboard template1

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Responsive Template – $10

bootstrap admin dashboard responsive template11

Bootstrap Dashboard Template to Download -$24

bootstrap dashboard template to download1

Flat Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – $20

flat responsive admin dashboard template1

You have an elegant responsive flat admin dashboard template here built on Bootstrap framework. It comes with a good lot of exciting and functional features like:

  • Profile picture for navigation bar
  • Great background image
  • Several useful plugins
  • Email templates
  • More than 2000 icon sets

Sample Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – $24

sample responsive admin dashboard template1

If you are looking for a premium quality admin dashboard template at an affordable price, this template here would be just great for you. The template comes with some very exciting features like-

  • responsive design
  • integrated charts
  • font awesome
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Multiple selectboxes
  • Customizable tiles
  • Form wizard

Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $15

dashboard bootstrap template1

Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – $21

responsive bootstrap admin dashboard template1

The Bootstrap admin dashboard template comes with a modern and professional design, packed with fully responsive features. It’s flexible and can help in building backend websites, web applications, frontend websites, CRM etc., added to admin dashboards. It’s great features include:

  • Amazing collection of widgets
  • Fifteen color themes
  • Ready-designed pages
  • High detailed 11 PSDs

Premium Responsive Angular Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $24

premium responsive angular admin dashboard bootstr

Admin Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Template – $10

admin responsive bootstrap dashboard template1

You have a lightweight, robust and fully responsive admin dashboard template here. It comes with retina display facility and loads of cool features such as:

  • 14 catchy skins
  • HTML 5 validated & neatly coded pages
  • Event calendar in 3 presentations
  • Varied form components
  • Media components assuring better multimedia

Responsive Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Design Template – $18

responsive admin dashboard bootstrap design templa

Admin Dashboard & Frontend Bootstrap Theme – $20

admin dashboard frontend bootstrap theme 1

You have a fully featured admin dashboard template here for your professional website. The theme is user friendly, responsive and comes with several useful features such as :

  • Widgets Form-general elements
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Advanced form
  • Grid
  • Sweet-alerts
  • Simple pie chart
  • Google Map
  • Timeline
  • Contact list

Material Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $23

material admin dashboard bootstrap template1

Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – $20

flat responsive admin dashboard template

Responsive Admin Bootstrap Dashboard Theme – $24

responsive admin bootstrap dashboard theme1

Clean Dashboard & Admin Bootstrap Template – $18

clean dashboard admin bootstrap template1

AngularJS Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Theme – $22

angularjs admin dashboard bootstraptheme1

Websites related to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and MVC require a strong and efficient admin board which can manage all the functions of the website. The aforesaid bootstrap theme can be used for the purpose and can help in designing an effective admin dashboard.

Cube Bootstrap Dashboard Template – $17

cube bootstrap dashboard template1

You have a responsive lightweight admin theme here with versatile customizable pages & UI components galore. There are some really awesome features to rave about here:

  • Five layout options
  • Eight various skins
  • Custom widgets in plenty
  • 3-level navigation
  • calendar
  • Email templates
  • Clean typography
  • Flat and modern look

Delighted Flat Ajax Bootstrap 3 Dashboard Template – $24

delighted flat ajax bootstrap 3 dashboard template1

Flexible Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Theme – $19

flexible bootstrap admin dashboard theme1

This responsive flexible Bootstrap admin dashboard template here is packed with all resources necessary for elegant presentation websites. It’s great range of features include:

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Easily customizable
  • Lightweight, fast and clean
  • Flexible assets
  • Latest Bootstrap 3.3 built

Bootstrap Admin HTML Premium Theme – $24

bootstrap admin html bootstrap theme1

Jquery Bootstrap Dashboard Template – $20

jquery bootstrap dashboard template 1

Admin Dashboard Template Bootstrap 3 – $20

admin dashboard template bootstrap 311

Ultimo Admin Dashboard Template is a fully responsive and cross browser compatible dashboard template built using Bootstrap 3. Customization is marvellously easy and it comes in a dark and light theme.

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Frontend Theme – $20

bootstrap admin dashboard frontend theme 1

Responsive Custom Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $20

responsive custom admin dashboard bootstrap templa

Animated Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $16

animated admin dashboard bootstrap template 1

You have a user friendly admin dashboard template here which is packed with more than 140 pages in various layouts, 23 widgets, 20 unique form templates, 6 charts, Google map and so on. The other features include basic documentations, data tables, app pages, error pages, timeline, forum and many more.

Responsive Admin Dashboard App With AngularJS Bootstrap Template – $20

responsive admin app with angularjs bootstrap temp

Perfect Responsive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template – $16

perfect responsive bootstrap admin dashboard templ

You have a beautiful and clean admin dashboard template built in Bootstrap here which works successfully on several browsers, much to your convenience. The main features of the template are:

  • Social button
  • Bootstrap slider
  • FlexSlider
  • Morris Chart
  • Flot Chart Wide number of pages including error page

Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

responsive bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template

Responsive Admin Dashboard Creative Bootstrap Template – $16

responsive admin dashboard creative bootstrap temp

When designing a website for the banking sector or a school, it is imperative that the customers or the students should be able to interact freely with the authorities. Thus, using the responsive admin dashboard creative bootstrap template ensures that a powerful website with an efficient admin board can be designed to handle all Excel queries and other concerns.

Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template – $22

bootstrap 3 responsive admin template1

Free Admin Bootstrap Dashboard Template

free admin bootstrap dashboard template1

Free Bootstrap 3 Dashboard Template

free bootstrap 3 dashboard template1

This is a super functional admin dashboard template built in Bootstrap. The free admin dashboard template offers a chart to measure the real time traffic to your site. There are separate sections for notification alerts, comments and the template also offers a live chatting facility. A fully featured dashboard panel is waiting for you.

Flat & Flexible Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $16

flat flexible admin dashboard bootstrap template 1

Personalized Admin Dashboard Bootstrap Template – $16

personalised admin dashboard bootstrap template 1

Today’s admin dashboard designs do not have to be only made for functionality. They also should be visually eye catching. With all the features you may want to produce your administration panel design, you can have a simple yet professional twitter bootstrap dashboard design for your website backend applications. Designing admin dashboards is not something that web designers work on most often. However, it is something that requires greater attention. If you were to have a project or contract to create admin dashboard, you should be able to do it flawlessly. With the Twitter bootstrap dashboard templates for admin panels, you can create your dashboard template free html using coding that supports HTML5,ASP.NET and CSS programming language and syntax. Designers can get lightweight as well as easily customizable designs to make the process a smooth one. You can download free bootstrap templates that have already been designed for you. What you need to do is to customize them to fit your individual or business application. It will save you the time you would take to hand-code these templates or build them from scratch.

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