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Table of Contents

  1. AI SEO Tools
  2. ChatGPT Images
  3. Content Prompts
  4. Product Review Prompt
  5. FAQs Prompt
  6. Meta Descriptions/Intos/Blog Ideas
  7. Bing Content
  8. YouTube Prompts
  9. X (formerly known as Twitter) Prompts
  10. X Threads Prompts
  11. Content Optimizations
  12. Local SEO Bard Keyword Prompt
  13. Keyword Cleanups
  14. Free PaLM 2 Bulk Content Generator Tool
  15. Topical Maps
  16. Sitemap
  17. Niche Selection
  18. Backlinks
  19. Outreach emails and finding link-building prospects

AI Prompts

AI Prompts, or simple instructions, are the backbone of streamlined content generation, guiding powerful language models like GPT-4 to produce precisely what you need. In a YouTube video, Julian Goldie, an SEO link builder from the United Kingdom, shared his favorite AI SEO and ChatGPT prompts and how to use them. 

In 50 Best Free AI SEO & ChatGPT Prompts to Rank #1, Goldie shared that he and his team had created human content that Google did not like. However, as soon as they collaborated with AI, his traffic grew over ten times, increasing from 460 to 6,500 traffic per month. 

He listed several of his favorite prompts, including:

AI SEO Tools


ChatGPT Images

Creating charts can be done through ChatGPT-4 Data Analysis. For instance, Goldie demonstrated using the prompt, “Create a pie chart that says 50% of penguins like gangsta rap.” 

Enable the plugin Argil AI, and then insert instructions. For images, he said you can tell ChatGPT to create a penguin image with the head of a giraffe and the wings of a bat. 


Content Prompts

Creating a brand new article from scratch using Goldie’s formatted prompts allows you to insert your own keyword, beginning with, “Please update and turn this content:” and “Into a comprehensive article about the keyword:”

ChatGPT 3.5 or 4 can format the headings to make them engaging and easy to understand. Let ChatGPT keep the keyword density high, including the keyword in the first sentence. Then, put every sentence on a new line.

Product Review Prompt

In making money with an affiliate, Goldie also has customizable instructions for ChatGPT in this area. For example, you could give the prompt, “If I paste in some product descriptions, can you write a short 100-word product review about KEYWORD that scores 10/10 based on this criteria?” “Keep a high keyword density focused on KEYWORD.”

FAQs Prompt

For frequently asked questions, ChatGPT can write the below content so that it is not detected as AI content by AI content detectors. Write FAQs in H2. Format everything. Do not put <h3>. Instead, format the readers.

Additional instructions can include, “Do not use any code. Instead, format the headers. Format the headings: Each question should be in h3 tag.” With around 40 words, answer the faqs, make each question an h3 header, and insert your answer underneath each one.

Meta Descriptions/Intos/Blog Ideas

ChatGPT can provide blog ideas on keywords and frontload the keyword. Let ChatGPT create a 17-word meta description, then write an introduction for the guide on the title, and use the keyword in the first line, which could be three sentences maximum. 

Goldie said the process works nicely and that there is some other stuff like FAQ prompts adding more content to improve your existing content, and you’ve got this prompt: “Rewriting content: Summarize the following into the five most important criteria.” He also provided this link for writing SEO-rich titles for your website pages and Google Search.

Bing Content

Julian Goldie introduced his other video, where he used GPT-4 and Bing for his SEO “adventures.” However, he detailed the Bing content area in two parts, starting with creating an outline in 2,000 words on the keyword based on the top ten results.

He created a list of specific prompts that leads GPT-4 to find external & internal links and YouTube videos, and then generate a list of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and NLP keywords, basically an SEO tool, and from here, you can create the outline. Then Goldie suggested taking his second prompt based on the outline to create content. Goldie’s team had ranked within eight hours using the prompt, which he highly recommends.


YouTube Prompts

Chat GPT-4 can also be used to generate YouTube video title ideas. GPT-4 can provide ten clickbait YouTube title ideas that evolve curiosity for video on the below, with 65 characters maximum. Use the word I in the title, etc., then paste the title of your content. 

It will generate ten clickbait titles, which Goldie suggests is powerful if you want to get more traffic. More traffic to your business means more money.

X (formerly known as Twitter) Prompts

YouTube prompts can be applied to tweets. Instruct Chat GPT-4 to give some actionable AI SEO tips and turn them into 4-line, concise posts with emojis and actionable advice that’s easy to understand.

X Threads Prompts

For the X Threads prompt, Goldie recommended using emojis, short sentences, and be specific.

Content Optimizations

Goldie shared prompts to generate blog titles, meta descriptions, introductions, turning content into FAQ Schema, Internal links inserted into content, etc. With the document, you can automate content outlines, YouTube content, X content, which are proven to work. 

For instance: “Give me ten blog ideas on can cats eat bananas and Frontload the keyword,” and it would generate that.

local seo bard

Local SEO Bard Keyword Prompt

In the video, Goldie shared eight prompts for keyword research, which are all the ways that are easy to rank quickly. Local businesses could use the Local SEO Bard Keyword Prompt.

You can compare the best options based on the trends instead of the actual data. Look for keywords with a competition score of three or less.

Keyword Cleanups

Goldie suggested an SEO prompt for filtering irrelevant or duplicate keywords and any negative keywords. For example, you can instruct AI to “remove anything with the same search intent” or “Remove anything related to videogames KEYWORDS BELOW:”

Free PaLM 2 Bulk Content Generator Tool

You can sign up to Apps Script for free, and it gives you API credits for free. This is a way to use AI inside Google Sheets. You can create outlines or automate anything you can think of, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Topical Maps

Topical Maps are an even better way of doing keyword research, and Goldie shared his tutorial on building free Topical Maps with ChatGPT & AI. Ask ChatGPT to give 30 semantically relevant but unique topics under the niche in the language you want. Reduce each to 3 to 5-word length keywords. Prioritize the list by semantic relevance. Doing this works for English SEO and foreign SEO.


Sitemaps are under the bookmarklet category, and here’s a bookmarklet that you can use to check a website’s sitemap: 

Niche Selection

Goldie shared a separate tutorial link on niche selection and a prompt script, which leads ChatGPT-4 to find 50 SEO Niche ideas that you could rank for based on these constraints. Prompts to use include, “Can you monetize the content?” “Let’s make sure it’s not fact-driven” because AI content tends to be wrong with facts. Chat GPT will also find a list of low-competition niches. 

Pick the best niche ideas to rank and start making money from these sites.

Link building is one of the best ways to build “more authority” or outrank competitors. If you can get back on your website, you’ve basically got a secret weapon that your competitors can’t emulate. 

For example, if you want more backlinks from relevant sites, Goldie suggested doing more podcasts. Ask Chat GPT 4 for more targeted or smaller podcasts.

Goldie also shared prompts for outreach emails and tips on finding link-building prospects that he gets asked for all the time, which he said are proven to work. 

All the scripts, tools, and workflows are in the description of his YouTube video.

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