Advertising Agency Meeting Minute Templates

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  • Relying on memory in remembering what you've discussed during a meeting in your ad agency isn't enough. You need meeting minutes for recording the discussion, deadlines, and tasks during your meeting. These conference documents are a great source of information and a great source for any follow-ups. So, if you have any upcoming meeting anytime soon, pick a template from our trove of ready-made Advertising Agency Meeting Minutes Templates. These templates are 100% editable and printable. These have helpful content to help you. What are you waiting for? Download a template and record every vital detail during the meeting without hassle!

    What Are Advertising Agency Meeting Minutes?

    Steven Rogelberg's study found that 62% of people said meetings fail to bring their team closer. But meetings shouldn't be this way, because meetings can boost productivity and improve communication, according to Harvard Business Review. And when it comes to ad agency meetings, it's crucial to record the topics you've discussed through meeting minutes.

    Advertising agency meeting minutes are records or notes of what happened during an ad agency's meeting. These records include decisions, assigned tasks, and deadlines for the employees to remember. 

    How to Write Advertising Agency Meeting Minutes

    Writing meeting minutes for an ad agency committee meeting, marketing meeting, client meeting, etc. may sound like a hard task. But don't worry, it's not as hard as you think because the tips below will guide you how.

    1. Prepare the Meeting Agenda

    Before the meeting starts, you have to get the details of the meeting agenda first. Agenda is the list of the topics that the team will discuss during the meeting. Having an agenda will organize the transition of your meeting. And if you want to save time, you can download a sample meeting minutes template, too. 

    2. Take Note of the Important Details

    You don't have to write every topic or discussion during the meeting. As the team meeting minutes taker, you only have to distinguish the crucial topics to write on the meeting minutes: the decisions, tasks, and deadlines discussed. Also, this means that you have to be very attentive during the discussion to ensure that you're recording the right details. 

    3. Record Concisely

    You have to make your record legible to everyone. And since no one has the time to read a long meeting report, you have to write concisely. You can write in bullet format or write short sentences.

    4. Send the Document to the Team

    After the meeting, send the document to whoever the authorized person to approve it. Then, if there are any corrections, replace them. Lastly, send the approved document to the team.


  • What should be included in the meeting minutes?

      To make your meeting minutes complete, you must include the list below on your document.

      1. Name of the team or department present
      2. Date
      3. Time
      4. Location
      5. Attendance
      6. Name of the meeting minutes taker
      7. Agenda
      8. Action Plan
  • How soon after a meeting should minutes be distributed?

      You have to send the meeting minutes within 24 hours because during this time, people have fresh memories of the discussion.

  • Who usually takes the minutes of a meeting?

      The person who usually takes the meeting minutes is the secretary. 

  • What are the action items in the minutes of the meeting?

      Action items are the tasks or actions that you assign to people during a meeting. These people have the job to complete the tasks and actions before the deadline. 

  • In what tense should minutes be written?

      When you write meeting minutes, you should write in the past tense and use the active voice to make the content readable.