Agency Schedule Templates

Make Your Own Agency Schedule to Plot Updates and Appointments Without Missing Important Matters for the Employees and the Management. Check Out's Collection of Free Agency Schedule Templates to Organize Your Advertising and Marketing Timelines. Downloadable in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Other File Formats. Download a Ready-Made Template Today!See more

Preparing a schedule for your homecare agency, advertising agency, travel agency, digital marketing agency, or insurance agency is vital. According to Chron, scheduling helps someone become productive, which leads to success. And to help you with that, get one of our ready-made Agency Schedule Templates. These are 100% editable and printable. So, what are you waiting for? Download a template today!

How to Create an Agency Schedule

Creating a schedule for your agency is crucial to ensure your success. With a schedule, you can track what activities you've completed or haven't. And to help you start your schedule, check out the tips below to help you create it today.

1. Keep the Schedule Layout Simple

When it comes to creating a schedule, you have to make sure to make that the layout simple. You can add colors and different typography, but you need to make sure that your simple schedule is still readable for everyone who'll use it. Additionally, it's better not to use more than three styles for the typography because it can ruin the schedule's appearance.

2. Incorporate Branding

Next, since you're making a schedule, not for personal use, you have to incorporate your agency's branding. This process includes adding your agency's letterhead with your agency's name, address, website, and logo. You can place it at the top or the bottom of the page.

3. List the Tasks to be Completed

On the third tip, you can now list the tasks you have to complete. For example, you can write social media management, newsletter writing, and others. It would be best to keep your tasks in short phrases or sentences so anyone can quickly read it on the printable schedule without having to spend too much time. 

4. Provide Dates

After listing the activities or tasks you have to complete on the sample schedule, you need to provide the starting and the end date of the tasks. The start date pertains to the first day you've started or will start the task. On the other hand, the end date can be the activity's deadline or the date of when you've completed the task. This part is vital if you want to keep track of the dates for any purpose.

5. Add a Column for the Status of the Activity

To track the status of the activity or task on your weekly or daily schedule, provide a column for it. This column has two choices: in progress or completed. When you're still working on the task, write in progress, and once you've completed it, provide completed


  • In what size are the agency schedule templates available?

      The agency schedule templates on this site are available in US sizes.

  • In what file formats are the agency schedule templates available?

      The agency schedule templates are available in Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheet.

  • Are the agency schedule templates on this site 100% editable?

      Yes, every template on this site is 100% editable, which means you can quickly change any of its content with yours without hassle.

  • Are the agency schedule templates ready to print?

      Yes, the agency schedule templates are ready to print at your office or at home.

  • Can I use any of these templates regardless of the type of my agency?

      Yes, these templates are designed for any agency you're working at.