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Top 10 Website Marketing Strategies

The internet is a game-changer for a lot of businesses. Everybody is trying to make their websites catchy to capture customers and clients. Even those who are starting a business are pouring efforts to create a website that can help make their companies click. Thus, business marketing is going digital and all in the hopes of expanding. Since you are not the sole player trying to drive traffic to your websites, you need to step up your means to strive in a competitive playing field. Consider website marketing strategies as the top concern in your business proposals. And if you slack off with your plans, other competitors are using their time well to get ahead. So better gather all tactics at your disposal to stand a chance.

Top 10 Website Marketing Strategies

What is Website Marketing?

Driving traffic to your website using any marketing ways is a website marketing strategist’s task. As much as possible, he or she needs to bring more visitors to the site so that sales and product promotion will be at its peak. Moreover, these strategists maximize means to enhance site exposure. Any business that relies on internet sites needs to develop marketing strategies to enhance business efficiency. Thus, strategic planning is an undeniable part of any business plan so that one can thrive in a competitive zone effectively.

Why Is Website Marketing Important?

Connecting with people has never been as easy and as convenient compared to internet-related efforts. Moreover, reaching out to customers and solving their possible queries are possible through your business websites. With just a flick through a phone or the clicks of your keyboard, you can access information. Any business wants to target a broad audience to promote its products and services. And with a large population of 4.13 billion internet users last 2019 and with an expected rise during this 2020, what business would not want to grab that much attention on the internet? Although the internet user population is vast, if proper measures are not in play, then effectively getting even a huge chunk of the population will be a problem. You may even have a website, but without marketing strategies, you have no traffic to increase the potential to grow your business.

No single strategy can win a competition, especially in a highly competitive market. Thus, you need an array of plans and approaches to enhance chances and even secure strategic advantages in your website marketing pursuit. And below is a list of several strategies to employ for your business.

Website Design

website design

An appealing design with a user-friendly interface can help users navigate through your website. Remember that if the site is confusing, unorganized, and unimpressive, nobody would even last a minute skimming through it. Be sure to include in your website launch checklist the need to make advertising less of a hassle and inviting for any visitor. Plus, the availability of a CRM software or interface will be useful as customers and curious clients can quickly contact you for questions. Make your website a portal for the trade you offer and your business identity so that marketing will become easy and smooth.



Getting on top of the search list in any search engine is a huge advantage. According to Hubspot, 75% of the people will not scroll to the next page of the search results. And with the significant number of internet users who tire to get to the second page of the search results, using that advantage is effective. Thus, selecting the relevant content that everybody is looking for and backing it up with legitimate sources can optimize your SEO strategies.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Sending emails is part of the marketing effort, and since almost everybody has an email account, why waste the opportunity? Make sure that when people start their day, an email newsletter is already waiting for their attention. You can promote your website through this platform, and it will be easy for them to check your site with a quick click of a link you gave them. So make it a target to send an ample amount of emails for others to read and check.

Keyword Research

keyword research

This strategy implies adequate SEO know-how. What matters is getting on top of the search list in any search engine results because of your relevant content. However, you also need to do keyword research that you can use to win the first page. So open your search engines and find the most searched words or phrases so that you can pattern your content to address the searches people are making. Find out what the people are typing and give them what they need.

Promote on Social Media

promote on social media

The digital world of 2019 has an estimated 3.5 million active social media users. With that number, who would not want to spare time to grab that much attention? And since social media is also accessible to most people, then why not pop an ad or promotion about your website? Social media platforms have excellent networking framework that sharing and communicating is easy. Thus, your website details will be quick to pass around. All you have to do is post contents about your site, and let the people have a glance. And who knows? Interested people will do the marketing for you through a click or two.

Content Marketing

content marketing

When you spark curiosity in any person, giving them the content they yearn for becomes strategic. Now and then, people search for things they want to know, and it is better to cater to their musings. With substantial content about your website or entries within your site itself, people will drop by and read. Once you caught the people’s attention through your informative and creative content, you bring positive remarks to the website hosting the content or about the site you are promoting. Make sure you have an arsenal of excellent writing talents that can make curious visitors locked into their seats and read blogs and articles about or on your site.

Create an Affiliate Program

create an affiliate program

Having partners or affiliates can strengthen your reputation as a business. When other companies or websites give fair and positive reviews about your site, then it creates a sense of credibility towards viewers. Recommendations are strong marketing strategies, especially when paired with positive messages, as any curious person would always need evidence of quality. Creating an affiliate program needs to have grounds, and you need a competitive analysis to back it up. The number of affiliates and their nature should be under close monitor as your competitors are using the same strategy. So make sure you make affiliates to your advantage.

Focus on Branding

focus on branding

Making your brand an attractive one is a must. Make sure that you get all the branding tips necessary to catch people’s attention. Give it a good ring for the ears and an irresistible eye candy for viewers. Thus, establish your website’s reputation with a creative logo and convincing positive reviews. With a reputable brand, people will naturally revisit your website and even share it to others without hesitation. Just like the best brand for shoes makes you feel like an athlete, let your website have the ring as an answer to your client’s needs.

paid advertising

Advertisement is a staple marketing strategy. And if you have the resources to spend on paid advertisements, then do so. Make sure that you have a target audience for a specific medium you want to show your ads. And since you are doing website marketing, then paid ads will be easy. Make it enticing enough for an irresistible click. However, you can do it the old fashioned way, like distributing flyers if you want to expand your audience. You can distribute them to people waiting for a bus or let every passenger skim through your leaflets as they are taking a long train ride home.

Focus on Public Relations

focus on public relations

An excellent and reputable community relation is critical in marketing your business. And if you have active public relations, the people themselves will be the ones to spread the news about your website. Engage the community through development programs, advocacies, and fun activities. When people see your commitment to people building, then it must be that your website carries the mission statement of your business. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a transaction with a website that is made to look out for people?

Strategies are varied, and there is no such thing as one winning move. It must be a mix of strategy as diversifying and expanding the areas can capture a diverse and big market. Implementing all of them will be a hard task, but when they begin to bear fruits, all of them are worth the time and effort. Make sure you are also aware of your resources so that you can match your capabilities as well. It is no good to pursue strategies that are not feasible, as they can pose higher risks when the returns fail to come. So know your capacity, get the best minds, gather a hard-working staff, prepare the project budget, and do continual assessments to make your strategies work.

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