10 Best Ways to Promote Your Business

Small and growing companies aim to be prominent figures in their respective fields. Like how Apple dominates the tech industry and Comcast in media, new businesses want to be as recognizable as these corporate giants. If you are starting a business, begin familiarizing yourself with promotional methods that can positively affect you. With that, here are some effective ways of marketing your business to the right audience. Later on, you can incorporate ideas when you start making your advertising plan.


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10 Best Ways to Promote Your Business

How to Promote Your Business

Two things measure the success of a business venture. First, the volume of customers that depends on the company for their goods or services. Second, the perception and recognition of the audiences to the business and its branding. To achieve this feat, your company has to undergo different methods of promoting the business. Here you can find the top twelve procedures that aid companies in their business goals—ready your checklist to take note of these essential methods:

Network Your Business

The first step in promoting your business is building a concrete, interconnecting network that enables you to meet new people and other firms. Through this method, you can forge partnerships with investors or other companies. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to join different networks to create links with fellow entrepreneurs. Networking your business is an excellent opportunity for learning techniques and knowing the situation in the market. A study from Oxford Economics USA revealed that participating in trade shows to network the company increases the number of new clients by 5% to 20%. So if you receive an invitation, there’s no harm in saying yes.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

We Are Social, a media company, reports that as of 2020, 3.8 billion people worldwide use social media—surpassing 3.1 billion, the estimated number provided by Statista in 2018. The vast extent of audiences makes it one of the places where the emerging business should invest more resources. So, formulate a social media marketing plan for the company and include a sufficient budget scheme. Take time to conduct various researches on the target market before producing online content. Moreover, the ads that will be circulated on the Internet have to be engaging, informative, and entertaining to the audience.

Build a Website and Use Blogging

Besides using social media to promote the company, having a website for blogging is also essential. In a way, building a website for your business will help inform clients about the developments and changes in the company. By creating content for blogging, the site can generate traffic to bring in online users to see what the company can offer for them. According to a 2013 article from Forbes, people often socialize more online rather than meeting face-to-face. The possibility of getting the eye of the target market increases when you utilize different promotional tools. In designing the site, make sure to use a website checklist to organize the process.

Implement SEO

To complement social media marketing and blogging, you have to implement SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This method in internet technology uses various algorithms to provide a rundown of the “most searched keywords or words” on the internet, which companies can include in their articles to generate traffic for their website. For example, when a user types a keyword about planning and management, your website—if your business focuses on business management—should be on the first page of the browser results. Learning the techniques in SEO will improve the ranking of your site.

Develop Public Relations

Public relations center on disseminating vital information concerning a business’ status and opinions on a variety of situations. Due to this significant purpose, a PR team becomes crucial since they can plan and arrange the contents of articles, press releases, and any other form of external communication. Imagine a crisis taking place that negatively impacts the company. Without a PR team, there won’t be anyone to reassure the public or address what’s taken place in a way that’s beneficial for all involved. When developing such a team, it’s also vital to gather people whose skills and capabilities allow for competent handlings of a variety of difficult affairs, even when under a lot of pressure.

Attend Events, Functions, and Feasts

Utilizing technology is not enough when you want to promote your enterprise. Instead, you have to try going to various events and functions to meet new people. This activity will be rewarding for your business later on. Naturally, when you encounter prospect clients or business partners in events handing business cards is the right thing to do. The Statistic Brain Research Institute conducted a survey and explained that 72% of business card recipients judge the enterprise based on the design and quality alone. Even when giving business cards are efficient, you have to ensure that the logo, color, and quality are high-end. So, when attending functions, be ready to hand out your cards.

Hone Your Brand Image

Every time the business posts an advertisement promoting your products or services to the public, the contents should have rhythm. That means you have to continue the branding created by the company. From flyers to brochures and billboard signs to magazine releases, the branding of the company should be consistent. Branding is how companies become distinct from competitors. And for the growth of the enterprise, you should hone and perfect your branding to make it appealing and identifiable to audiences.

Hiring Influencers

Influencers can be anyone with a large following in social media or the entertainment industry. For an upcoming business, hiring a famous personality is an opportunity to get people to talk about the products or services of the company. For instance, fashion designers make celebrities model for their creation to attract other people and to make a fashion statement. In 1985, Nike designed a pair of basketball shoes for superstar Michael Jordan. Tagged as Air Jordan, the sneakers were loved by millions of fans, and buying one was extremely costly. Even today, one pair amounted to millions of dollars. Although this method is a gamble, you can see significant results in the future.

Post About Your Business in Online Community

More than using social media for posters and ads, there are other ways of reaching different audiences. Joining an online community and talking about your business is one way of sharing information about your company. However, it is efficient to schedule your post rather than sharing information all the time. Know the people in the community before posting something to ensure that people are enthusiastic about receiving the input of your enterprise.

Offer Freebies or Discounts

The last option that aids in promoting your company is offering discounts and freebies to your customers. This method focuses on engaging the clients and inviting them to try the discounted offers. Furthermore, it entices the non-buyers of the product to try the goods. When making the promotional materials make sure you have an estimate and quotation of the printed coupons or tickets. Also, have a timeline of the offer to avoid confusion.

Opening a business demands time, effort, and a whole lot of patience for entrepreneurs. What started as simple agreements, proposals, business operations strategies, and customer service plans are now a reality. But the challenge is keeping the company from failing and falling into bankruptcy. With that, you should always find ways to reinvent some areas of enterprise and to have information on the trends. To grow your business and to promote it to wider audiences means you have to move forward and take chances. Learn from your mistakes and make your materials better. After all, when the company flourishes, the people behind it receive the rewards.