23+ Admin CMS Themes & Templates

Creating an attractive and responsive website template is always the primary goal of every website designer and programmer. Others compromise on the admin panel designs for their eCommerce website just to beat the deadline. Business owners and end-users want a modern design but functional as well. However, designers may develop a website with low quality with limited time. We created admin CMS themes & templates complete with details and customizable. You can personalize each content on bootstrap, HTML, CMS dashboard, CMS Panel, PHP, and CRM. Produce the best UI and UX for your website efficiently with our mockup templates.


Admin Professional CMS Template

admin professional cms template

The format is easily available over the internet and can be downloaded with ease. The user can employ this theme for various purposes for its generalist theme. It has great responsive features and is super navigable.

Neon – UI Bootstrap Admin Theme

neon bootstrap admin theme

This is a template format that has a super attractive format. The designs have been professionally designed that are attainable from the internet in the forms of word documents, PSD, and PDF. The user can print this template readily. you may also see CMS Backend Templates.

Responsive Admin Interface CMS Template

responsive admin interface cms template

This HTML template is a perfect pick for designing administration consoles of various websites. Built on the Saas framework of Bootstrap 3.3.6, this comprises various plugins that simplify all the backend processes. Endowed with a modular design, this can be easily customized.

UX Admin Control Panel CMS Template

admin control panel template

The sample template format has some of the most attractive features. It can support extra pages that can allow creating some of the most effective websites. This template can support a paragraph style of writing and also illustrations such as graphic representations.

Business CRM Responsive Admin CMS Template

business responsive admin cms template

This is an admin CMS theme that has a unique design. The color play is simple and effective. The simple template can contain a lot of information that can be depicted through graphic representation or even bullet points.

Bootstrap Mockup Admin CMS Template

bootstrap admin template

This is a template format that is compatible with a wide array of browsers. The users can open this basic template over various devices. The user can print this theme readily and can get very good printout quality due to the resolution range.

Responsive Bootstrap Admin CMS Template

responsive bootstrap admin template

This admin CMS template has a very interesting look. The color play happens to be very much customizable and the user can change it as per requirement. The template format can also support extra pages.

Multipurpose Admin Bootstrap Dashboard Template

multipurpose admin bootstrap dashbaord template

PHP Admin Dashboard CMS Template

admin dashboard template

The admin CMS theme is a perfect format to design great and attractive websites.

eCommerce Multipurpose Admin CMS Template

ecommerce multipurpose admin cms template

Built on the Bootstrap Sass framework, this admin CMS template is a perfect choice for building an eCommerce website. The various integrated features ensure powerful backend support to the resultant page. With 7 admin themes in tow, customizing this template is surely a lot of fun.

Minimal Responsive Admin CMS Template

minimal responsive admin template

The admin CMS theme has a very interesting color scheme. The user can also use the interesting slide show for effective and elaborate website design. The user can easily download this theme from the web world.

Nifty Responsive Admin CMS Template

nifty responsive admin template

The look of the template is very fresh and festive. A number o colors have been used on the template. The template is fully editable. The user can not just change the content but also the background theme. The user can add information with a lot of ease.

Starlight Responsive Admin CMS Template

starlight reponsive admin template

This is a design format that has a very simple and minimalist theme. The printable template has been given a very neat look. It can suit a number of different purposes. The template format is much responsive and is highly navigable.

Premium Website Admin CMS Template

premium admin template

This is a template format that has a number of responsive features. The designers can use these icons to make the professional template all the more responsive and also more attractive. The user can add extra pages for more elaborate websites

Html Bootstrap Admin Theme

bootstrap admin theme

In Bootstrap Templates, The images are retina friendly and can be printed with ease.

Modern Admin CMS Template

modern admin cms templateDownload

Flat Responsive Admin CMS Template

flat responsive admin template

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