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Table of Contents

  1. Images Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is an Image?
  3. 10 Types of Images
  4. Images Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in an Image? Parts?
  6. How to Design an Image
  7. Image vs. Photo
  8. What’s the Difference Between an Image, Graphic, and Art?
  9. Image Sizes
  10. Images Ideas and Examples
  11. Images FAQs


Images are the pictures that we see every day posted on social media, displayed on the walls of our houses, or encased in a photo frame on top of office desks. They’re captured with the lens of the camera or created using modern digital tools for photo enhancement and graphic design; either way, their aesthetics appeal to the human eye.

Images Definition & Meaning

Images are visual representations of someone or something projected in two dimensions or three dimensions.

Images are photographs captured with a camera or digital illustrations created using a computer and they typically function as tools for visual communication, complementary visuals to certain texts, decorations, or simple visual presentations.

What Is an Image?

An image conveys information by projecting a clear visual representation of an object, a person, a creature, or a place of significance. It’s often presented in a creative way in order to engage the viewers; this is very true, especially for images captured or created for entertainment purposes.

10 Types of Images

Labor Day Images

Labor Day is one of the most significant holidays in the United States and in other countries. On that day, you’ll likely see loads of Labor Day images shared online on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. Most of them depict inspirational pictures/illustrations of hardworking men and women holding their work tools and equipment proudly.

labor day images

Mother’s Day Images

Mother’s Day is the best time to celebrate all the mothers in the world. Sons and daughters can gift their mothers with beautiful Mother’s Day images that warm the hearts of anyone that sees them. They can also be for commercial use for businesses planning to promote their special Mother’s Day discounts, freebies, and offers.

mothers day images

Fashion Images

Fashion images showcase stunning models wearing fashionable clothing. These types of images are typically ads for fashion brands and are displayed as billboards, posters, flyers, brochures, website banners, and other forms of marketing. And also, fashion images are the works of art of professional fashion photographers and fashion designers.

fashion images

Pride Month Images

The LGBTQ community celebrated Pride Month in the entire month of June every year. Throughout the celebration, thousands of Pride Month images will be shared online bearing the rainbow icon/logo of the LGBT society. Some members of the LGBT community will proudly use the images as background photos of their desktop computers and mobile phones.

pride month images

Cinco de Mayo Images

Cinco de Mayo images are undoubtedly very festive looking and they perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the celebration. Throughout Cinco de Mayo, the web will be stocked full of these high-resolution images, ready for download for anyone who wants to use them as background photos or have them shared on social media. Cinco de Mayo images greatly respect the history and the culture of the festival.

cinco de mayo images

Sale Blog Images

Companies promote their products online using search engine optimization (SEO), and for that, they must complement their web posts with sale blog images. Such images can help their brand to be discovered by internet users who do research on certain products and services. Sale blog images are typically copyright protected to secure a company’s ownership over them.

sale blog images

Get Well Soon Images

A get well soon message can uplift the spirits of someone who’s sick for the day or having major medical issues. A simple “get well soon” text or DM is enough, but sending beautiful get well soon images would be even better. They can be sent as JPEG or PNG images via email or sent through the mail as printed images encased in an elegant envelope.

get well soon images

Canada Day Images

Canada Day images are everywhere on Canada Day being proudly shared by Canadian citizens on social media platforms. The common theme of these images is the colors of the Canadian flag with the maple leaf as the centerpiece. Canada Day images symbolize Canadian patriotism and honor the history of Canada as one of the most powerful nations in the world.

canada day images

Pink Wallpaper Images

Pink is a beautiful color in the color spectrum that both men and women can sport as their background wallpaper. Fortunately, the internet offers a massive library of pink wallpaper images for all the pink lovers out there. They vary in design, aesthetic, layout, and shade of pink and they target the attention of those whose favorite color is pink.

pink wallpaper images

Minimal Geometric Images

Minimal geometric images feature illustrations of lines and shapes arranged together in a pattern. They make for great poster art or wallpaper for those who love minimalist artwork. These kinds of attractive images feature circles, dots, squares, straight lines, curved lines, and triangles filled with all sorts of colors.

minimal geometric images

Images Uses, Purpose, Importance

Images come in different appearances, sizes, and shapes, which means they serve many purposes. Every image that’s captured and created has its reason for existing and being seen by its intended audience.

Show the Appearance of Things, People, and Places

Not everyone is privileged to see certain things, people, and places in person due to some circumstances. However, images enable us to know what someone or something looks like; they give us an opportunity to see something without actually seeing it. For example, if someone can’t afford to go to Paris to see what the Eiffel Tower looks like, he or she can simply look up images of the iconic tower on the internet.

Visual Aids to Texts or Speeches

Images provide a clearer picture of what a passage or a speaker is trying to convey both figuratively and literally. That said, they’re excellent visual aids so the audience can understand the topic a lot better. Among the best examples of images as visual aids are the illustrations in books and the attached photos of PowerPoint presentations.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising teams in companies primarily use images to promote their brand. Creating and capturing images of their products and service is an integral part of their promotional campaign development. Images are proven and tested to grab the attention of the audience better than just mere words of call to action to make a purchase.


Nowadays, when people want to document their day, they do so by taking photos and uploading them to social media. Images are great for documentation since they most clearly project the happenings of the day. They are plenty of good examples of images used as documentation such as wedding photos, Instagram story posts, Facebook posts, and so much more.


Perhaps the most common use of images is as decorations. A lot of people use framed photographs of their families as the decor of their house walls, office tables, and living room shelves; other than family photos, images of landscapes and city skylines are also good choices. Aside from house decoration, some high-quality images are used as desktop wallpapers and smartphone wallpapers.

What’s in an Image? Parts?

The Subject of the Image

The subject of the image is its focus or the thing, person, or place it’s primarily projecting. For example, in a food photograph, the subject is the food that was photographed, the very centerpiece and center of attraction of the image. A viewer should immediately grasp the subject of the image at a glance.

The Lighting

Proper lighting is important in optimizing the quality of an image. It’s built as the photograph is taken by a camera or adjusted afterward by an editor in a photo enhancement or graphic design program. Lighting helps project the kind of atmosphere an image must evoke, and in order to emphasize the shape and appearance of the image’s subject.

The Background

The background adds depth to an image and shows its setting. It’s an important visual element to complement the theme of the image. An image with only a plain background or no background at all lacks character and could be incapable of capturing people’s attention.

The Colors

For unique creative reasons, some images don’t need colors. However, in most cases, images need colors to breathe life into what they’re presenting. For example, an image of a garden must be captured or printed in color to project the real beauty of the flowers and a garden’s other floras.

images anatomy 788x950

How to Design an Image

1. Select the right Image Size.

2. Identify the kind of image you need to create.

3. Choose from the best set of Image Templates.

4. Customize your chosen image template by inserting text and changing colors.

5. Personalize the background’s design.

6. Save the customized image and download it.

how to design an image 788x

Image vs. Photo

An image is a visual representation of an object, person, or place in a form of a photo, drawing, painting, or digital illustration.

A photo or photograph is an image of a thing, place, or person captured using a camera.

What’s the Difference Between an Image, Graphic, and Art?

An image is a picture or an illustration showing the actual appearance of a thing, place, creature, or person.

A graphic is a visual object included in digital artwork or photographs to enhance their quality and improve their overall design.

Art refers to the expression of someone’s creativity or ingenuity and the visual or tangible outputs of one’s creative mind and artistic skills.

Image Sizes

The size of an image greatly dictates the level of its quality. For that reason, it’s essential for every photographer or graphic artist to pick the best image size.

image sizes 788x

Images Ideas and Examples

Creating images sounds easy, which is true enough, but making one that unique and impactful can be a challenge. With that said, photographers and illustrators tend to browse image ideas to gather inspiration and references to get started with their own works.

Images FAQs

What does an image consist of?

An image consists of the image subject, background, lighting, and colors.

Where can I use images without copyright?

There are plenty of sites where you can grab images without copyright such as Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Kaboompics,, and Burst.

What is an image composed of pixels?

An image that’s composed of pixels is called a raster image or a bitmapped image.

How to evaluate an image photograph?

To evaluate an image photograph before using it for your own purpose, you need to look into its colors, lighting, and textures to determine whether they’re balanced; you must also check if there are any distortions, determine the image’s file format, and see if it’s copyrighted or has some use restrictions.

What is the data in an image called?

The data in an image is called metadata—the information describing the image’s shoot location, camera settings, and other important notes about the image; metadata are stored in EXIF files.

What information is stored in an image?

Image metadata is stored in every image file which details the information of an image such as the time it was taken, the location, and the camera settings that were in place when it was captured.

What are graphic images?

Graphic images are images created using digital tools such as graphic design apps and are commonly used as visual aids, charts, or infographics for written texts or presentations.

How is an image represented?

An image is represented on computer screens and mobile screens in many pixels each with its own color to form the exact aesthetics and dimensions of the image.

What makes a good image?

A good high-quality image needs to have proper lighting and good use of shapes and colors to represent an object, person, or place the right way with some artistry.

What to consider when using images?

In using images, you need to consider knowing the image’s purpose, choosing the best-possible quality images, ensuring the right contrast, and determining a focus for the image.

When can images be used without permission?

You can only use an image without permission if it’s confirmed to not have any copyright protection.

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