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Software-based companies and organizations make up an integral part of our modern age. However, for an IT or computer business to function, it needs a proper base of operations. Proper negotiations and documentation must also be carried out with a realtor agency to get such a valuable location. To help you streamline this process, we’ve prepared a selection of IT and Software Real Estate Admin Templates! Download our easily editable samples from a slew of file formats, which are available in various sizes and dimensions. So, don’t delay any longer--manage and organize IT company lease arrangements with our professional content!

What Is an IT and Software Property Agreement?

An IT and software property agreement refers to the arrangements and documents made for a property lease with an IT or computer company. According to The Balance Careers, this form of property rental categorizes itself under commercial real estate.

How to Make an IT and Software Property Agreement

Are you new to lease administration work? Do you need better management of property paperwork? Worry no more--we’ve got you covered if you follow our tips below!

1. Don’t Overcomplicate the Content

A contract or agreement carries a lot of weight with it; however, that doesn’t mean its written content should be hard to read. Yes, sounding professional is indeed essential, but it’s still possible to maintain a business-like tone in your agreement without getting too fancy. When your document is direct and easy to understand, this ensures all relevant parties genuinely comprehend what the text is telling them.

2. Research and Inquire About Real Estate Laws

In dealing with businesses as large as software companies and real estate agencies, there’s a great deal of money and resources that are at stake. Because of that, relevant laws and regulations must be adhered to accordingly. But there are specific variations that parties must consider according to each state. A good way of finding out what you need is approaching a lawyer or your region’s city hall.

3. Requirements That the Software Company Must Follow

Stipulations and conditions are a vital element in your property agreement. For agreements with IT businesses, some example stipulations include (but aren’t limited to) equipment within the premises, repair cost coverage, and renter-made structure installations. Be as detailed and specific as possible when outlining each item, which helps prevent disputes and complications later down the line.

4. Always Doublecheck with Qualified Professionals

Before finalizing and using your lease document (or any legal paperwork, for that matter), consulting with a qualified lawyer is always a good idea. Following all of a state’s specific property laws gets confusing and complicated, so don’t be shy about approaching a legal consultant when you’re not sure about something. Expect a fee when having an attorney go over your agreement. However, it’s a good investment for preventing any future complications.

After reading through our above tips, you’re now armed with essential information about IT company lease contracts. Are you looking for more help with your property rentals? If so, then feel free to browse through our IT and Software Real Estate and Admin Templates!


  • Can a lease be canceled?

      Once a property contract is finalized and agreed upon, the client is legally obligated to fulfill the term. However, a property owner can still let a client break the agreement without penalties.

  • What are the core components of a property agreement?

      1. Agreement term
      2. Rental fee
      3. Security deposit
      4. Name of renter
      5. Restrictions
      6. Utilities
  • What is commercial real estate?

      This refers to property that’s rented out by a company or organization for conducting business operations.

  • What are some examples of commercial property?

      1. Offices
      2. Stores
      3. Malls
      4. Restaurants
  • Should a lease agreement be notarized?

      Most states do require that a lease agreement be both signed and notarized. Approach a qualified attorney or consultant about your own state’s regulations about it.