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18 Writers and Authors WordPress Themes & Templates

Writers write to tell good stories. Their minds are rich with ideas that they want to share with the world. Writing is the backbone of everything we see on TV and movies, in every business transaction, and in every mode of communication that we use in our everyday lives. It is the very framework of our thoughts. Writing connects us with each other in the most intimate and personal ways possible.

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Now, imagine if there were no writers around. How would movies and TV shows go? How would the latest news be reported in an understandable way? How would the best stories be told? Everything would be a mess.

Writers and authors are there to give us good content and inform us of things we may now know. Just like any other professionals, they need a site that can make them reach out to a bigger and wider audience. It is also their way of telling their stories digitally, which is how most things go in this digital age.

So, if you are a writer or an author, or one who simply wants to tell your stories, check out these themes to help you in building your minimalist website.

Sublime WordPress Theme

The theme is minimal and clean, which makes content reading and writing easy. The design is bold and beautiful, and that makes content-making more inspiring.

Author Theme

The theme is built to highlight content. Clean and minimal, the theme has an easy-to-use options panel and a powerful built-in slider. It is also integrated with Google fonts.

Imago Theme

Imago helps you tell stories in a simple, beautiful, and striking way. Writers and non-writers can make use of this theme in more ways than one. It is fully responsive, fast, and ready for translation.

Enpine Theme

The Enpine theme is for writers who like minimalist, professional, and elegant designs. It makes use of a good combination of subtle and bright colors that make the theme appealing. The homepage displays the latest posts in grid styles. It also works on all browsers.

Clarity Theme

The simple theme is especially designed for writers. The theme is beautiful without all the distracting functions the usual themes have.

Gindur Theme

For a more engaging theme, writers can opt for this template. This theme makes use of the medieval times design which is more engaging and appealing. Gindur dons an elegant and minimalist design paired with beautiful typography and attractive colors. This is great if you want to highlight your content above anything else.

Lucienne Theme

Lucienne is a theme designed for blogs and online shops, but with its minimalist design, it can aso be used by writers and paired with excellent photos. The white space that is dominant in the theme highlights the typography and the overall content. Lucienne also has social media icons that help in promoting your site.

Bloggio Theme

Bloggio has a modern design that fits both bloggers and writers. The arrangement of the sections makes it easy for readers to read your content. The theme is versatile and flexible. It is highly customizable and responsive to all devices.

Type WordPress Theme

Type is a single-column WordPress themes built for writers who want a simple and hassle-free design. It is responsive and retina-ready, so it fits all screen devices and displays images and icons beautifully. The theme is supported by Google Analytics.

myBook Theme


If you are looking for a clean theme that focuses more on words, myBook theme is the answer to that. It was created using Bootstrap 3.1.1. The theme is mobile-ready and works on all browsers.

Moonshard Theme

Moonshard is a simple, fast, minimal, and clean theme designed for writers. It is responsive with three to four columns on display. The black and white design is sleek and professional to look at as well.

Published Theme


The responsive Published theme has a 960 grid-based design. It has custom widgets and cross-browser compatibility. The design is clean and fresh to the eyes.

Editorso Theme

The theme is ideal for journalists and editorial staff. It has features built for editors and it supports search engine optimization (SEO).

Freelance Writer WordPress Theme

The theme can be installed in two steps and has multiple color options. It also has an advanced backup and built-in customizer.

Writer WordPress Theme

This theme is sleek and attractive for writers. It is clean and responsive, with parallax scrolling and SEO support. The theme is built using Bootstrap.

Writing Spot Theme

The Writing Spot theme is fully editable and ready for translation. It has more than 600 Google fonts to customize typography. It works on all mobile devices.

Online Freelancer WordPress Theme

The theme is perfect for freelance writers. It takes on a slick and professional design with a bit of personality. The theme is also translatable to other languages.

Jack Baker Theme

This corporate theme can also be used by writers. It offers a professional touch on your site.

Kinds of writers

Writing may be a broad occupation, but there are some areas of it that require specific knowledge in a certain area. One needs to have passion, imagination, and patience to last in the craft of writing. Here are some of the most commonly known kinds of writers that we see today.

  1. Scriptwriter. These kinds of writers write scripts for television and film. In television, scriptwriters can write for a series, documentaries, game shows, variety shows and news programs. Writers for film, also known as screenwriters, write scripts that run for two hours or a little bit more.
  2. Radio writer. These writers are the ones writing for radio programs. Their scripts heavily rely on audio elements as they are not seen elsewhere. Radio scripts are written in a simple manner.
  3. Novelist. Novelists have the knack to bring readers to another dimension. They write long narratives divided into multiple chapters with the goal of delivering a message. Novelists write and submit their work to publishing agencies
  4. Playwright. Playwrights write scripts for theater plays. In writing this kind of script, they have to take note of when the lights turn on and off. It is pretty similar to a screenplay, except that it does not use camera transitions to go from one scene to another.
  5. Content writer. Content writers write about a wide range of topics with a specific theme and word count. These contents are usually seen on the Internet and tackle topics such as business, Internet tools, and others.
  6. Journalist. Journalists write reports based on facts. Their writings are used in different forms of media (television, radio, Internet, and print) with their respective styles. Their news reports are written with simple words so people from every social status will understand what the story is about.
  7. Ghostwriter. They are anonymous and uncredited writers who work with famous writers and help them in making the perfect material. Their work is credited to another person.
  8. Songwriter. These are the people who write songs for pop stars. They write every lyric and arrange the music. Some singers are songwriters, too, like Taylor Swift and Sia.
  9. Copywriter. Copywriters write their ideas for the purpose of advertising and brand awareness. Their work is often used for billboards, scripts for television and radio commercials, magazine and newspaper advertisements, and brochures.
  10. Columnists. Columnists usually write for newspapers but their content is geared toward their comments on trends, news events, and other current affairs. They are mainstays in the newspaper industry and their articles appear once a week.

Different types of writing styles

Writing is not limited to only one style. Depending on the theme and the topic, a writer’s output will take on a different path. Here are four common styles of writing that dominate the writing field.

  1. Expository. This kind of writing aims to tell facts and explain things. The writer does not say his opinion on the topic and just states what is simply there. This is commonly used in news reports and other journalistic approaches of writing.
  2. Persuasive. Persuasive writing convinces people to take action over a certain situation. It relies on arguments backed with ideas. Editorials and speeches generally use this style of writing.
  3. Descriptive. This type of writing is rich in details as it describes every single aspect of a thing or situation. It also includes emotions felt by the writer. Descriptive writing is often used in poetry, short stories, novels, and other fictional materials.
  4. Narrative. Narrative writing tells a story, complete with exposition, conflict, and resolution. It can be a real-life situation or a fictional one. Narrative writing is close to descriptive writing as it also uses flowery words to describe the actions and emotions of the characters.

Each theme is unique and perfect in their own way. No matter what theme you choose, always keep in mind to tell good stories that inspire and liberate the human soul.

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