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18+ Grid Based Website Themes & Templates

The beautiful grid website templates use a stylish responsive grid which facilitates website viewing on any device. Often, construction of websites is categorized as a developer’s task which requires hours of coding which sky rockets your marketing budget. You May also See WordPress Website Templates.

But now with the use of such convenient templates, people are able to construct websites in matter of minutes and that too without any specific set of skills. To make them even more functional, there can be additions of extensions or widgets which bring more personalization to the interface. You can also see Single Page Website Templates.

Responsive Fashion Grid WordPress Theme $49

responsive fashion grid wordpress theme

This is a template format that can be downloaded easily from the internet. It can be downloaded in the form of word document and PDF. The images provided are very bright and also most responsive in their attributes.

Website Template with Grid-Based for Web Designer

website template with grid based for web designer

Responsive Grid WordPress Website Theme $49

responsive grid wordpress website theme

This is a template theme that can prove to be one of the most lucrative supports that can be attained by the web designers over the web world. The designers can get an array of really impressive and retina friendly images.

Minimalism Grid Portfolio WordPress Website Theme $29

minimalisam grid portfolio wordpress website theme

This is a template theme that can support extra pages. The user can insert extra pages that can help to create really elaborate and attractive websites. The theme is fully customizable and can be edited with ease and speed.

Portfolio Website Template with Grid-Based Layout

portfolio website template with grid based layout

Magazine Portfolio Grid WordPress Website Theme

magazine portfolio grid wordpress website theme

The theme is simple and very much effective. The template has been provided with an array of great responsive icon buttons. These buttons can contribute to make the template really responsive and interesting.

Responsive Grid Blog Theme $59

responsive grid blog theme

Modern Portfolio Grid Website Theme $48

modern portfolio grid website theme

This is a template format that can be attained in the form of word document. The user can insert extra pages that can help a designer to create really elaborate websites. The template is print ready.

Photographer Website Template with a Grid-Based Layout

photographer website template with a grid based layout

Stylish Grid WordPress Website Theme

stylish grid wordpress website theme

This is a template format that that is essentially simple in its design. The look is very stylish and sleek. The template is SEO friendly and can give rise to effective and informative websites. It can support a huge gamut of information.

Simple Grid WordPress Blog Website Theme $49

simple grid wordpress blog website theme

The template is very simple and minimalistic in its designs. The theme happens to have a very formal and professional tone. The design can be compatible with a wide variety of browsers and can be opened across a variety of devices.

eCommerce Grid Website Theme

ecommerce grid website theme

This is grid based theme that can be applied for a wide variety of purposes. The images are clean, bright and retina friendly. The theme has responsive features and is highly navigable. The user can make changes with ease and speed.

Premium Grid Website Theme $180

premium grid website theme 180

This template is SEO friendly and can be used to make well structured websites. The design can support paragraph style of writing and also bullet points. It has a well organized and a well layered slide show.

Portfolio Website with Grid-based Home Page Layout

portfolio website with grid based home page layout


This is a template format that has host f very attractive features. The template is supported by English language. The user can insert extra pages. The theme is highly professional in its look and can create great websites.

Responsive Blog & Grid WordPress Website Theme $44

responsive blog grid wordpress website theme

This is a template format that is SEO friendly and can be printed with ease. It has a great resolution range that can enable the user to get very good quality printouts.

grid gallery html5 website template

This is a template that can act s a great support to the web designers. The theme is one of the most lucrative tools available over the web world.

On the subject of personalization and customization, special mention needs to be made for such top templates because they have a wide range of choices to alter the look of their website. There are choices of many themes, varied designs and uncountable fonts and colors so that no two websites can ever seem the same. You May also See Wedding Website Templates.

The best thing about the templates is that they can be SEO equipped making them prone to more exposure and hence more leads. You can use them online either for free or use the payable versions of it. Such premium templates are quite a steal and with the inherent help file, using them would be a breeze for sure.You can also see Business Website Templates.

The grid based themes and templates can be used for the purpose of creating really effective websites.

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