15+ Newspaper Ad Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Placing a newspaper ad is crucial. After all a high quality ad has the capability to influence the customers in a positive way. Thus, choosing the right layout for a newspaper ad is quite an important task. Looking of some novel ideas to place an ad? Downloading a newspaper ad template can be of some help. You may like Newspaper Front Page Templates.

Available in different forms and styles, these Newspaper Templates offer enough space to place the content and then add in a few images or infographics. All you need to do is look for the perfect template, download it and then customize it to create an ad.

Newspaper Travel Ad Example Template Download

If you're publishing an advertisement for a cruise or a travel related article, then you can try this ad template where you can add appealing images to lure the readers.

Example of Classified Newspaper Ad Template

If you've seen the Classifieds section of a newspaper, it usually contains multiple ads for jobs, real estate, services etc. You can download this template if you want a simple, no nonsense look for your Classifieds page.

Sample Vintage Newspaper Old Ads Template

As per old traditions, ads would be displayed in a scattered manner all over the page, with large bright images at the top. If that's the look you want for your paper, you can download this template.

1920 Format Newspaper Ad Template Download

An image is the highlight of any ad. With this template, you can add a large, attractive image followed by a short, crisp text describing the product or the service being advertised.

Sample Halloween Newspaper Ad Template Download

Halloween is a great time for advertisers. So if you're planning to run a few Halloween themed advertisements on your paper, you could go for this well planned, intricate template.

Example of Piano Newspaper Ad Template Download

An ad for a piano company would be incomplete without such a vintage, beautiful image. If you own such a company, you could choose this template while advertising in the paper, it is sure to grab eyeballs.

Newspaper Advertisement Sample Word Template Free Download

lewisham.gov.uk | This template could be downloaded for any advertisement in the Word format. All you have to do is add relevant details about the product being advertised in the spaces provided.

Vintage Newspaper Ad Example Template Download

If you're running an ad for a vintage car, then your ad needs to represent the bygone era. You can add a black and white image of the car, followed by a headline and a text describing the vehicle being advertised.

Newspaper Ad Sample PDF Template Free Download

lockheedmartin.com | This ad template is downloadable in a PDF format. It has a professional and official look, with a proper headline and subheadings. You just have to add an introduction, body and conclusion to it.

Format of Antique Newspaper Ad Template Download

Planning to have a unique ad in the antique format? Then you should go for this template. You can organize the text in order of importance, by placing the most important details near the top.

Newspaper Ads Sample PDF Template Free Download


Newspaper Ad Example PDF Template Free Download


Retro Newspaper Ads Design Example Template Download

Newspaper Ad for Job Word Format Free Download


Example of Newspaper Ad Word Template Free Download



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