Complete Overview on Native vs Web vs Hybrid App – Infographic

Apps are the life and soul of the modern smartphone computing experience. Smartphone apps developers would do well to refresh their knowledge and understanding of the nuances of native, web based, and hybrid apps. How to device-specific native apps measure up against the agile web based apps? How does the hybrid app blend the best of both worlds? [Unleashing The Thin Line Between A Mobile Web App, Native App & Hybrid App] Did you know that native apps are the best in terms of leveraging complete hardware features? But because these apps are development intensive, the lighter, more agile web apps are equally important. Of course, there are hybrid apps available when the best of all worlds is desired.

Check out this infographic and refresh your knowledge of the top 3 kind of apps models.

Native vs Web vs Hybrid App

native vs web vs hybrid infographic 788x


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