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23+ Social Media Illustrations for Infographics

Social media is one powerful tool that has opened thousands upon thousands of doors for creatives, educators, and entrepreneurs alike. It’s no wonder scholars and researchers are always so keen on studying the impact social media has created in every aspect of our lives. And for the average everyday users of this digital platform, it’s also important for us to understand and relay the message of social media impact to others in a creative and engaging manner.

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Thus, infographic design is a helpful and effective tool in turning often complex information into easily comprehensive and understandable pieces of knowledge and facts. If you’re currently tackling the subject of social media, then these illustrations will definitely come in handy for better and more visually appealing information dissemination.

We’ve got a wide array of free and premium social media illustrations lined up for you to use. Don’t miss out and start downloading relevant designs for your work.

Social Media Icon Tree

This Social Media Icon Tree can be representative of the way social media has taken on a life of its own. A Social Media Tree of Life, if you will. Download this profound illustration if you want to have a visual aid with a lot of impact to your report or infograph on the different branches of social media.

Social Media City Illustration

From a natural scene to a more urban one, this Social Media City Illustration depicts an accurate image of a city bustling with energy and dynamism. You can use this image for your business reports and infographics.

Startup Business Vector Illustration

Have your infographic brochure looking interactive and vibrant with this Startup Business Vector Illustration. This is an inspiring image you can download and incorporate in your design to encourage startup businesses to skyrocket to success. You can get this image for free and can easily edit it to fit your theme.

Twitter Social Media Thought Bubble

Download the Twitter Social Media Thought Bubble if you want a concise and comprehensive illustration on the different components of this particular social media platform. Get this free infographic design element to add some color and interactivity to your work.

Social Media Thought Bubble for Youth

A youthful and easily relatable illustration on social media, the Social Media Thought Bubble for Youth is as interesting as it is intriguing. Download this social media illustration as a background image for your infograph, tackling the impact of social media on young people today.

Modern Lifestyle Illustration

Download this Modern Lifestyle Illustration to show how everyone is affected by the use of gadgets and engaging in social media. You can use this free infographic element to represent the different types of people influenced by social media, or to represent those who have taken the said digital platform by storm, and making a name for themselves.

Business Social Networking

Get a clear-cut image of the business of social networking by downloading this Business Social Networking illustration. It offers a unique perspective, and can pique the interest of your readers, should you be able to successfully incorporate it in your infographic brochure or flyer.

Clean Workspace

Download this very clean and very pink work space image to have yourself prepared with stock images for professional infographic designs or business reports. You can customize this illustration by adding in a unique title for your subject.

Web Design Illustration


Download this Web Design Illustration to get yourself an interactive and fun illustration for your infographics. This illustration can also provide you with a cool font for infographics and can also give you a unique approach to your work’s presentation.

Taped Like Button

The iconic Like button has always been a well-loved symbol for Facebook. Instead of just presenting it in its traditional form, find new ways and approaches to design when using the said icon for your infographics, posters, and online profiles. You can go for an artsy doodle type or go completely abstract.

Abstract Facebook Like Button

Watercolor Social Media Icons

A remarkable social media icon design would have to be one that’s unusual and interesting. If you’re also looking for icon designs that are sure to catch attention, the Watercolor Social Media Icons is up for grabs. Download this set for charming and dainty icon designs on your infographics, brochures, and flyers.

Social Media Thought Bubble Illustration

This Social Media Thought Bubble Illustration is available for download and can be easily incorporated into your infographic designs. Make your brochures or flyers look vibrant and fun with this cool illustration design. It’s a pretty accurate depiction of most young people’s personal thought bubbles. You can even get one in reverse with the Reverse Thought Bubble social media illustration.

Reverse Thought Bubble

Facebook Like Button and The Youth

If you’re looking to find unique and remarkable designs to compliment your creative social media banners, this illustration of the Facebook Like Button and the Youth is readily available for download. Get this design and perfectly capture the react-button phenomenon that’s taking the world, and the youth in particular, by storm.

Social Media Road Sign

If you want a classic social media illustration for your infographic poster, this Social Media Road Sign is good to go. Get this simple illustration that portrays the well-known components of Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media sites. You can use this as a background image or an interesting illustration by the corner of your infographic.

Social Media Mind Doodle

Social Media Light Bulb Illustration

The Social Media Light Bulb Illustration is as profound as it is relevant. Get this illustration for your company brochures, presentations, and infographic flyers to have a professional and high quality design element in your work. It’s editable and easy to incorporate into your existing designs.

Neon Social Media Icons

Your social media icons need a little revamping every now and then. Have your infographics, poster designs, and social media posts looking electric and vibrant with this Neon Social Media Icons illustration. You can easily incorporate these icon designs into your more subdued and intriguing works.

Digital Marketing Illustration

Complete your infographic template with this Digital Marketing Illustration. It has a simple layout with clean graphics to fit seamlessly into your existing designs and social media templates. You can use this illustration as a cover or title page for your presentations, infographics, and teaser posters.

Marketing Concept Icons

Making use of legends and icon designs can be an incredibly useful tool in helping your readers understand your infographics better. Download the Marketing Concept Icons for simple and comprehensive icons for your infograph on marketing and everything related to it.

Social Media Communication Illustration

If you want adorable as well as relevant illustration designs for you infographics, this Social Media Communication Illustration is readily available for you to create a quirky and charming presentation. It’s a comical depiction of the modern and one of the primary methods of communication: the smartphone and can telephone. Get this design to instantly light up the eyes of your readers.

Seamless Social Media Doodle Pattern

Instagram Photography Illustration

The key in designing effective infographics is by using visuals that not only entertain, but also inform. They have to work both as aesthetic stimulants to the brain, as well as being education and easy to understand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to educate people through amazing and unforgettable graphics.

Download relevant illustrations, including social media pack templates, to bring your presentation, brochure, online flyer, and infographics to life. You can start right here and even browse for more in this site. Start downloading!

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