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9+ Infographic Poster Templates

An infographic is a material used to visually represent a data or information through the use of graphic items. Infographics, or information graphics, allow people to understand a certain topic more through the use of either images, graphs, and any other visual representations.

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Some data are really hard to understand, especially if they are presented in a way that only people in a specific line of study can understand. These information can be relayed to the public in a more comprehensive and understandable way through the use if icons that most people are familiar with.

For infographic and other sample posters, our website holds a wide selection of downloadable Poster Templates that you may use.

Flat Infographic Poster

Infographic Brand Identity Poster

Business Infographics Poster

Birthday Infographic Poster

Coffee Infographic Poster

Business Concept Infographic Poster

Elements of Effective Infographics

An infographic may use different elements to provide the details both in an understandable and concise manner. Our Infographic Elements Templates can show you the proper way of creating infographics.

Here are a few items that you must remember in creating an infographic:

  • The message that you want to relay. An infographic is made to send a message to more market. Hence, the entire infographic must not only look good but should also have the message that is needed to be known by more people.
  • The items that you want to highlight. Specific items must be drafted first to make sure that they are given focus and importance when a person looks at the infographic.
  • The images to be used. Most of the time, images used in the infographic have their own meanings. Again, they must be familiar and must be recognizable.
  • Size and formats. Sizes of images and texts must both be considered as they are the tools used for the spreading of the information.
  • Interrelation of the words to the visuals. You must be able to know the relation of the images that you are to use to the content of the infographics. This will create less to no confusion to those who are to look at the infographic.

Fast Food Infographic Poster

Medical Infographic Heart Poster

Oil Industry Infographic Poster

Why Use Infographics?

Aside from accurately and simply interpreting data to your target audience, we found out some more benefits of using infographics in your presentations:

  • An infographic is able to interpret the collected data in a more organized manner.
  • The content of the infographic may sometimes be too theoretical or  scientific, but due to the images, they are being read by people.
  • Infographics provide a more specific approach to a specific knowledge.
  • It is a visual aid so it helps to get more attention and makes people know about the cause on why a certain infographic is made.
  • In the modern age, infographics are shared more on social media, hence getting more views.
  • They make things more understandable and provides more relatability.
  • They provide details that can attract a wider viewer.

So if you have any information or cause that you want to get more views when you post them online or generate more people knowing the data that you physically present, we believe that you can already consider creating an infographic.

We have samples of Graphic Design Posters so you will know how they should look like and the things that are needed to be considered for a certain infographic. 


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