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Top 51+ Infographic Fonts for Designers

You need a well-designed infographic to attract readers, customers, and clients. While others prefer to add more to the vectors, images, and clipart used, you should choose fonts that blend well with your Sample Poster. You can always go for the sans serif text font. It is one of the best free fonts used today that exude professionalism. However, it would be best to use a good combination of mix fonts, font size, typefaces, and body fonts for your print and Online Store Facebook posts. Thus, we listed a good collection of infographic fonts for designers. 

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Make your work suitable for print and online Blog Posts with only the best print fonts. Use a typography color and design to make the beauty of your design pop. Learn more of our modern fonts below and find out the best ones for your current designs. 

Hobric Infographic Good Font Poster

Hobric makes your text content stand out with its modern vintage look. It can be used to Design Websites posters, brochures or flyers to draw immediate attention as well as make the content visually appealing.

FARRAY Infographic Choose Fonts

FARRAY, a stylishly designed font makes any content and any background look good. Just add it to any of your content online or physically to make heads turn. It can be used on websites, Simple Posters, Sample Brochures, or flyers.

Kilogram Free Infographic Font

Kilogram Free has elements of both vintage and futuristic design. Its bold design suits well against any kind of background and is visually appealing. It is mostly suited for websites or Creative Posters related to high adrenaline activities.

Big John, Slim Joe – Free Infographic Font

Big Joe, Slim Joe – fat and slim fonts used together creates a beautiful effect. With dark shadows and bright flame casts and some interesting effects, this fantastic font is perfect for just about anything.

Blnker Beauty Infographic Font

Blinkr, with its vintage gothic typeface, looks unique and beautiful. This template is perfect to use on t-shirts, Printable Posters, and websites. It is attractive and is bound to attract attention.

London Luton Airport Font

Revelation Infographic Font

Reckoner Font Style & Typeface

Bebas Neue Infographic Font

Jolly Icons Infographic Font


Anjelica Ultralight Infographic Font


Lobster Infographic Font


Langdon Infographic Font


First Work Child Step Infographic Font

Vicasso Infographic Typography / Typefaces Font


Beba – Best Infographic Body Font


Nexa Free Infographic Sans Serif Text Font


Disco Night Infographic Font

Moonface Script Infographic Font


Distractor Infographic Font


Demetria Infograhic Font

Ascent Typeface Infographic Mix Fonts

Kankin Free Infogrpahic Font

Impact – Free Infographic Font in Pink Color


Marine Infographic Font

Picastro Blade Drop Infographic Font

Hagin Free Infographic Font

Boldy B Infographic Design Font

Stroke Infographic Font

Boldonia Infographic Big Font Sizes

Intro Condensed Free Infographic Font

Blackbelt Infographic Font


Repetita Rounded Infographic Font


Roboto Infographic Font


Brch Infographic Font Bundle


Lovelo Free Infographic Font

Layerform Font Bundle for Infographic Designer


Blnc Vintage Infographic Font


Nero Free Infographic Font

Custom Infographic Fonts Bundle


Discorgasmique Infographic Font


Helvetica Infographic Font

Before Breakfast – Infographic Font

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