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Contract Recruiter Cover Letter

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[July 16, 2056]

[Bertha S. Smith]
[Human Resource Manager]
[JGA Company]
[1372 McDowell Street]
[Nashville, TN, 37210]

Dear [Ms. Smith],

I sent you this letter as a formal response to your Contract Recruiter job posting in []. I read every requirement needed for the position, and I am fully aware that I possess each of them at my disposal. I firmly believe that I am the exact kind of individual you're searching for to fill in this particular position.

I have also been a [Contract Recruiter] for the last [five years] at [CCAL Corporation]. During my stint there, I was responsible for [maintaining their workforce at least 70 percent out of the maximum population]. Almost every month, employees resigned from the company, which decreases the workforce. So to keep the minimum percentage, I posted job advertisements for vacant positions at well-known job posting sites and also in social media. Once I receive resumes and application letters, I promptly viewed them and invited potential applicants for a job interview. I constantly collaborate with the management team in deciding whether or not an applicant should be hired. Among my duties as well was orienting newly-hired employees regarding the standard operations and policies of [CCAL Corporation]. Due to my extensive recruiting prowess, their workforce [never went down from its required minimum].

I have just recently resigned from [CCAL Corporation] to try other work environments and expand my career. I am hoping to accomplish that endeavor in your company. That said, I am eagerly awaiting a job interview invitation from your behalf. You can contact me via my phone or email at your most convenient time. I immensely appreciate that you invested time in reading this letter.  


[Ernestine A. Cook]
[(903) 338-8267]
[[email protected]

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