Although World War II is already history, the Army still exists to defend the Nation and its people from potential dangers and invasions. And even until now, the Army and other military forces contribute to the peacekeeping operations of the UN. Construct your Army Organizational Chart and present your military structure to your fellow soldiers. Clearly illustrate your reporting relationships and chains of command within your group and download our ready-made templates today. Presentable and reliable, we guarantee you 100% customization on out templates. Available in Google Docs format for your convenience, there's no need to start from scratch! So hurry and subscribe now.

How to Create an Army Organizational Chart in Google Docs

A military organization is divided into four functional commands, which are the Joint Forces Command, Special Operations Command. Strategic Command and Transportation Command. An Army is a subset of the military force that is composed of soldiers in various rankings. According to thebalancecareers, an Army doesn't have a specific element in its organization chart. Instead, the number of soldiers assigned to a command group shall depend on its type of unit and its mission.

1. Determine the Units Names and Ranks Composing the Army

Represent the Army's organizational structure by identifying the unit names and officer ranks that compose the Army. These unit names are made of a fireteam, squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, division, corps, and Army.

2. Arrange Every Unit Names and Ranks as per Military Hierarchy

Arrange every unit names and officer ranks composing the Army by hierarchy from the least ranking officer to top-ranking officer. Wherein private is the least ranking officer while the general is the top-ranking officer in the group.

3. Add the Names of the Military Officers

Now add the names of every military officer of the Army. Indicate their position and achievements, as well as the number of years of their services.

4. Insert a Picture of the Military Officer

Lastly, you want to know how your fellow soldiers and commanding officers look like, so how about inserting their latest picture inside the organizational chart? After all, the chart's purpose is to illustrate the relationships and chains of command within the group.

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