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Memos are widely used as a means to communicate policies, regulations, and announcements within an organization. It is similar to mass communication wherein you are broadcasting a message to everyone, but this is only in the form of writing. Having problems on how to begin writing an effective memo? You can follow below the simple and easy ways on how to write your own memos.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Before you start writing, you need to know who your target audience is. This will help you get started with writing your memo. Usually, memos are addressed to everyone within the organization. There are other times that it only applies to a certain department or unit.

2. Use a Professional Tone

Use a formal and professional tone when you are writing your memo. Be courteous and sincere when you are addressing your audience.

3. Discuss the Topic or Subject of Your Memo

Your subject line must be clear and concise. Make sure to fully explain the details about your topic or subject and make no room for ambiguity. Choose which topics you need to discuss and what not to include in your memo.

4. Be Direct

You should be direct in defining the purpose of your memo. In some business forms, you can choose to have direct or indirect formats. But take note that memorandums are always in direct format.

5. Be Objective

In writing your memos, include only the relevant and factual information. You must avoid having personal bias and preference when you are making your memo.

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