Seating charts are considered as one of the best tools that can help you to effectively plan your guest list to maximize the space in your venue more efficiently. To help you out, we're giving you access to our wide selection of free, ready-made printable Seating Chart Templates that you can conveniently customize using Google Docs. If you are a beginner in designing and having to design a seating chart is your main concern, worry no more because each of our templates is designed to be as user-friendly as possible that you can customize and add in your own details with ease. Designing a seating chart has never been easier with the help of our free, ready-made Seating Chart Templates in Google Docs, so download now!

How To Create A Seating Chart In Google Docs

A seating chart is a sketch of form or plan that shows people where they are supposed to sit in a particular room or venue, be it in a computer lab setting, a classroom, a grand ballroom, or just about any location. Seating charts provide a unified reference for people who are attending or working on a location.

Save your guests from the stress and hassle of finding a comfortable seat in an event or gathering by providing them with a strategically prepared seating plan in the form of a comprehensive chart by following the steps below.

1. Determine The Number Of Attendees

When you are working on an event like a wedding ceremony or a birthday celebration, get to know the confirmed number of guests first before you decide on the venue for the event. Once you have determined the site's capacity, you can then start the layout of the event. Having an actual copy of the guest list will help you decide how many tables and chairs you need and will also provide an idea of how you will design your wedding or birthday seating chart.

2. Analyze The Floor Plan

To be effective in producing the required seating plan, you must get your hands on the venue's full layout first. Find out the total space dimension of the place, locate the electrical outlets, first aid kit, and the restrooms. Check the positioning of the entrance and the exit including the accessibility of the emergency exits. You must prioritize the safety and well-being of the attendees before planning the seating arrangement.

3. Assign Seats And Tables

Organizing an event is a bit critical especially if you are dealing with a large crowd. Proper planning and preparation should be thoroughly put into consideration to avoid messing up the entire program. To do this, you should assign seats and tables for your guests according to categories. Attendees who are closely related to the celebrant and VIP guests should be positioned near the celebrant's table.

4. Work On Your Layout

Now that you already have the numbers, start looking for a fitting tool to help you with your layout. Download any of our seating chart templates that best complements your desired design theme. You may specifically look for a wedding seating chart template and table plan and customize them according to your needs. Play around with the seating arrangement and create several versions of it before choosing which one will best fit the event.

5. Start The Draft Using Google Docs

Editing your chosen template using Google Docs is simple and easy. You can alter the contents or make additional updates to your seating chart template anytime and anywhere using your smartphone or any mobile device, with or without an internet connection. You can also collaborate with the event coordinator or the client and let them decide if they want to apply last-minute changes or updates to the chart.

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