How to Make a Project Proposal in Google Docs

Generating new projects for your business can be made possible if you have proper business affiliations that would sponsor the programs. It can be done through processes with project proposals involved. Other than that, a project proposal would also serve as a basis for budget adjustments and hiring decisions. There are different simple project proposals; formally solicited, informally solicited, unsolicited, continuation, renewal, and supplementary. Either way, making them is tedious, but here are some tips that you can follow on how to write a project proposal.

1. Include Complete Project Information

The first section in a project proposal outline is the project information. In this section, you need to indicate the project information relative to the proposal. Include the name of your business, project title, summary, timeframe, prepared by, attached documentation, and project affiliations. In that way, it would be convenient for your clients to know every detail of your project.

2. Make your Project Executive Summary Appealing

An executive summary captures the attention of your potential client. This section is one of the most important sections of your proposal, and so, you must pitch out project proposal ideas properly. Like a summary report, make your project background and objectives impactful yet straightforward. Your executive summary must be descriptive that the client would immediately picture everything out. Most importantly, this section must motivate the clients to invest in the said project. It would play a big role in their decision making.

3. Detail your Project Methodology

This section is where you would present the order of activities to be taken to achieve the said project objectives. You need to breakdown every factor of the project and indicate it here—including the project approach, time estimates, task division, and project deliverables. To achieve this, you need to make a checklist and take note, do not forget to include every detail included in the project.

4. Indicate the Risk Management Plan

Prevention is better than cure, and so a project management plan must be included in your project proposal to prevent risks. It would guarantee you and your client that certain risks that might happen in the cycle of the project, and it must have a risk register to counteract these probabilities. Moreover, including this in your proposal would assure the clients of the project not to be out of control.

5. Be Clear with the Project's Budget

One factor that the clients consider is the overall cost of the project, and so designating it a section in your proposal would be a smart move. It is divided into three—project budget, narrative, and financial statements. Be straightforward and transparent as possible and include every deliverable and its price. Indicate documents in the proposal as proof.

6. End with a Bang

If you start your simple proposal with enthusiasm, then you need to end it in that way as well. This is your last chance to win your client, so include factors that would prove your point towards the project. Include the reason why the proposed method is the best solution for the business.

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