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How to Write a Persuasive Proposal in Google Docs?

A proposal is a written formal document prepared to address a problem or a need in a particular organization. Individuals, especially professionals, create this document to request for an approval to do a project or write a research paper. Some examples of a proposal is a business proposal, research proposal, event management proposal, bid proposal, marketing proposal, and sales proposal. To successfully pitch a project or a solution to a specific problem, one must present a convincing proposal. In this short guide, we will help you create a proposal that gets approved. Follow the steps provided below.

1. Know the Structure of a Proposal

You should know the basic structure of a proposal before you start drafting it. Typically, a proposal has the following components: a title or cover page, table of contents, executive summary, statement of the problem/issue/job, solution or approach, methodology, and budget. Moreover, you should also determine what type of proposal will best suit your needs. Different types of proposals serve various purposes to each individual.

In writing your proposal, it would greatly help if you make use of Google Docs because this word processor is readily available online. It would also make working with your colleagues more efficiently since it allows real-time collaboration.

2. State the Purpose

After writing the introduction, proposal letter, executive summary, and the table of contents, you should state the purpose of your proposal. Make sure that you compose this concisely for the readers to immediately understand what the document is for. In this section, you also have to state the problem clearly. See to it that the audience will know how the issue affects them and why they should care about it.

3. Propose a Solution

Proposing a solution to address a problem or a need is a crucial part in writing a proposal—be it a business proposal, sponsorship proposal, budget proposal, etc. Once the readers understand the problem or issue at hand, you can already present your approach in solving the problem or carrying out the task. After that, write the methodology. In this section, include a detail-by-detail explanation of your suggestions on how to carry out the proposed solution.

4. Answer the “Whys?”

An effective proposal should address all the why questions. You should be able to answer why the client should choose you instead of the competition. Give the readers or audience reasons to trust you and your proposed ways. If you are writing a sponsorship proposal for an event, you should explain why the potential sponsors should help support your event. It will also help if you create a win-win situation to let the sponsors feel that they made the right decision in negotiating with you.

5. Use Simple Language

Although you need to write your proposal in a professional manner, it is beneficial if you use simple language in doing so. It helps the readers fully understand your document; thus, making it easier for you to convince them. As much as possible, avoid jargon and convoluted language in your document so that it will be easier to remember.

6. Imagine Yourself as the Audience

After the completion of your proposal, proofread your document, and make sure that it is free from any type of errors. Then, read your proposal as if you are the audience; and ask yourself, “am I convinced?”. Remember that the key to a successful proposal is the persuading power it possesses. See our proposal templates for references. We have templates for an investment proposal, research proposal, project proposal, and more!

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