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How To Create An Organizational Chart In Google Docs?

An organizational chart is a type of diagram that showcases the organizational structure of the departments of a big or a small business, a school, a university, a construction firm, a hospital establishment, and any other industrial company. One of its primary purposes is to provide an organization with a detailed guide of its chain of command; thus organizing the structure of its workforce. If it so happens your company still doesn't have one, then you need to create one. To help you with that, we have gathered a few tips on how to create a custom organizational chart.

1. Consider Using Google Docs

Any editing software is capable of being an org chart creator, such as MS Word and Apple Pages. Hence, you can choose any as long as you're comfortable using it. But, the software you should consider using is Google Docs. Why should you choose it? Google Docs has all the tools you need to create an organizational chart, regardless of whether you want it to look modern or traditional. Plus, Google Docs is instantly accessible for free if you have a Gmail account. If you don't have one, all you have to do is register, and you can then access it.

2. Compile A List Of Your Company's Staff Members

Before you start creating your organizational chart, you must first compile a list of your company's staff members. To make this process easier, compile the list by each department with the help of its assigned supervisor. Once you've compiled it, you'll have ideas on how you're going to structure your organizational chart. You can use some of our list templates when compiling a list of your company's staff members.

3. Be Creative With The Chart's Structure

An organizational chart does not need to have any artistic attributes. But since it'll likely be posted on your company's lobby or hub center, you can make craft it creatively. Just make sure that it's still readable, understandable, and conceivable. Some of our timeline templates are good examples of this approach. You can check them out for reference.

4. Inject Your Company's Staff Members Accordingly

Once the structure of your organizational chart has taken a concrete form, it's the right time for you to inject the names of the company's staff members on it. You must inject their names according to the hierarchy of their job position. If you're not familiar with your company's staff members due to its status as a start-up company, you can ask your HR manager to view his/her archive of employee resumes.

5. Use Organizational Chart Templates

If you can't invest time in creating an organizational chart from scratch, then it's not a cause for you to be worried. Printable and editable organizational chart templates are available for download here in Template.net. They're compatible in various formats such as MS Word, Apple Pages, and Portable Document (PDF). With their help, it's likely that you only have to inject the names of your company's staff members. You can also make modifications with their default layouts should the need arises.

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