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Many people have asked this question, "Can I make a leaflet (or brochure) in Google Docs"? Yes, in fact, you can even get started easily using a ready-made Google Docs template. Lucky for you, our site offers an extensive collection of custom Leaflet Google Docs Templates with compelling, captivating layouts and content. These templates are an excellent jumping-off point, but the real deal is how customizable they are. If you're concerned about customization, these categories of Brochure Templates are 100% editable to give you a fully customized user experience. Plus, they are downloadable for free to give you easier access all the time! 

Leaflets are sheets of paper that are sometimes folded, and that fold is often part of the design, unlike flyers. Flyers are typically not folded, but sometimes they are, depending on the choice of design combinations and a load of information. Indeed, flyers are foldable, but the fold should not be part of the design. Otherwise, it's not a flyer anymore; it's a brochure. Either way, both types of print materials can actually serve the same many different purposes, such as advocacy campaigns and advertising alike. But to give you a clearer understanding of what a flyer is, please see our wide-ranging selection of Flyer Templates

These leaflet templates are perfect for businesses and organizations of various industries and sizes. From nonprofits to agencies to institutions to retail companies, any entity can make good use of our templates. Moreover, these leaflet ideas and custom layouts are also useful for creating job ads, showcasing artworks, designing lookbooks, and even Organizational Charts, among others.  To get unlimited access to more template choices, please subscribe today.