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How To Create A Contract In Google Docs?

A contract is an official legal document binding an agreement or partnership between two parties. The Contract agreement or partnership made between two parties could either be payment terms, employment terms between a new employee and an HR manager, service terms of a freelance worker and a client, service conditions between a real estate business and a construction business, and so much more.

If you're part of a huge industrial company or a simple small business, you need to know how to create any contract for whatever transaction or negotiation your business may undertake. For that reason, we have gathered a few tips on how to create an effective and standard contract.

1. Choose Google Docs As Your Word Processor

Any word processor is fully capable of creating a contract, such as MS Word and Apple Pages. However, we advise you to use Google Docs. Why? Google Docs has all the features you need to create a contract with a standard format. With Google Docs, you can appropriately adjust the spacings between lines and paragraphs, set the right margin size, and avoid typos and misspellings thanks to its typo detecting feature. Lastly, if you have a Gmail account, you can instantly access Google Docs.

2. Negotiate With The Right Person

Whatever your contract is all about, you should always negotiate with the right person from the other party. As much as possible, negotiate with a high-ranking person who's knowledgable about his/her business as a whole. If you make this approach, you can expect that the negotiation will be fruitful and smooth-sailing. Every term and condition will be concise and concrete. In cases wherein you'll be negotiating with a small business, it's best to consult with the business owner.

3. Keep Your Writing Simple

A contract document is not a piece of artistic writing wherein you have to write colorful and unusual words. You must write it in a simple yet comprehensive manner. The sentences should be straightforward and clear. The words you must use are formal business terms. And lastly, you should avoid making the paragraphs to wordy and congested with sentences. You can view several of our letter templates as a reference on how to write formally.

4. Elaborate The Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions you've made with the other party are an essential content of the contract. Therefore, you must elaborate on them without leaving any factor. If ever you've written notes during your face to face negotiation with the other party's representative, then this should an easy process. You can recontact the representative in case you have any further clarifications. You can check out any of our printable agreement templates for some ideas on how to elaborate on the terms and conditions.

5. Implement Grounds For Contract Termination

In case of any event, wherein the other party deviates from the agreed-upon terms and conditions of the contract, that is an eligible case for contract termination. The purpose of implementing grounds for termination is to avoid further damage due to the other party's deviation. Such an event could lead to significant financial and asset losses. If ever something like this happens, you can send a termination letter addressed to the other party.

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