Associate Cover Letter Templates

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Many associate professionals are struggling to land a job, close a deal, or achieve their certain goals. Perhaps the main reason is because of their poorly written cover letter. So, if you are planning to submit a report, job application or any similar aspects, make sure to gear yourself with an engaging cover letter. To help you out, our Associate Cover Letter is the ideal template that guides you throughout writing your cover letter. This template is 100% customizable with high-quality original artworks and sample content that saves you from the hassle of creating your cover letter. Subscribe now for more templates!

What Is an Associate Cover Letter?

The associate cover letter is a single-page document that provides your reader with an overview of your intention and essential information. According to MichaelPage, the cover letter is not just about formality and courtesy. This document serves as an opportunity for you to impress or to catch the attention of your reader. The cover letter plays an important role in your job application, product or services proposal, or any similar aspects. 

How to Make an Associate Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, you have to ensure that your format is simple and your content includes the necessary information for it to look professional. The following are our tips on how to write a cover letter:

1. Determine Your Intention

Before writing your cover letter, you must have a clear understanding of the rest of the documents attached to the cover letter. As a sales associate, when writing a product proposal, you must understand the report itself so that you can highlight the necessary details in the cover letter. 

2. Know Your Recipient

You must know the designation, company name, address, and other essential information because doing so would impress your recipient and manifest your sincerity towards your intention. For instance, if you are looking for employment, you must read the hiring company’s website or search for any information on the internet. 

3. Collate The Data

Now that you have the necessary data, summarize them first before drafting your cover letter. Remember that a summary of data is quite essential to ensure that you will not write the wrong information. For instance, if you are making a cover letter for your resume, make sure that the details in your resume match with details in your cover letter. If you have all the data, you can now start writing your cover letter. 

4. Proofread Your Output

Upon completion of your cover letter, proofread the content two to three times. You can also use online grammar and spelling checkers to help you pinpoint any grammatical errors and misspellings. Afterward, you may ask fellow students or colleagues to proofread your letter. 


  • What to Include in Cover Letter?

      When writing a cover letter, you must include a heading, date, address, salutation, body, complimentary close, and name and signature of the sender. 

  • How to Write An Associate Cover Letter?

      The associate cover letter is mostly used by sales, human resources, or any associate professionals. The template of the associate cover letter does not have major differences between a standard cover letter. For instance, if you are an associate professional, you must highlight your qualifications or credentials in your cover letter when applying for a job. 

  • How Much is the Word Count for A Cover Letter?

      The cover letter should not be too long otherwise, you’ll overwhelm your reader with information. So, the standard cover letter is between half a page or one page long, and the word count should be between 200 to 400 words. 

  • What’s the Difference Between a Cover Letter and Resume?

      The cover letter speaks for itself on behalf of you. Meaning, the cover letter is a brief summary of your qualifications and who you are as a person or business. On the other hand, the resume is a more detailed document that provides the reader with an overview of your skills, experiences, education, and other relevant information. 

  • Is the Cover Letter Important in Job Application?

      Yes. However, there are some companies that do not require a cover letter in your job application. But, it would be best if you have a cover letter template just in case your hiring company requires you to provide.