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How to Create a Travel Brochure in Microsoft Word

A travel brochure is the best way to market your travel agency's services and packages without spending a ton of money. Making a travel brochure sounds easy, but if you lack even one element, then surely your travel brochure will not be effective.

We share this article which will provide you with tips on making an efficient travel brochure for your agency. Read all of the measures below and then get acquainted with the brochure-making process. A travel brochure is generally a printed document containing information about a particular subject, place, setting, or object.

1. The Perfect Software

Some may already have in mind the perfect editing or word processing software for making the perfect travel brochures and travel itineraries. However, if you do not have one then consider Microsoft Word as your design software. Surely, if you are a Windows user, you will find Microsoft Word on your laptop. You can also download Word on your mobile. If you think that Word is made solely for word processing, then you are wrong. It can also be utilized for creating original or pre-made Word brochure template designs. This software is a sure hit for those having a hard time manipulating sophisticated design software.

2. The Type and Size

Brochures have various types you can choose from. There is a gate-fold, z-fold, roll-fold, and the popularly used types are the tri-fold and bi-fold brochure. Be sure to research and familiarize the different kinds of brochures and choose one that works best for you and the content of your travel brochure. The brochure size is also important. A large brochure allows you to input more information while a small brochure allows you to be more creative and critical of the information you input due to its minimal space.

3. The Content

Brainstorm on what you are going to include in your travel brochure. Is it going to discuss your services and packages? Or is it going to be a travel guide type? Or both? Decide on what specific location you are going to offer. Is it a travel package to England? The Philippines? Thailand? Or Korea? Your travel brochure needs to focus on one location so that you will be able to showcase the place. Most travel brochures are designed to demonstrate local attractions, culture, and food. Also, provide necessary information about the location you are offering. Some printed brochures will include where to go, how to get there, and how much are the expenses. Writing an engaging call for action since it encourages readers and clients to learn more about your brand and your offers.

4. The Photos

Another element that is present in every marketing brochure is the photos. It is not just some decoration on your travel brochure, but it also gives your readers the idea of what they are getting. Gather necessary pictures of the locations you are offering. Do not just go to the internet and download a photo of the beautiful locations you offer.

5. The Brand

Lastly, do not forget to include your brand name, business logo, and other necessary information. Incorporating a branding element on your travel brochure will help you get recognition and build your brand image. The branding element will help readers identify you from your competition. Place it on strategic places so that the readers will remember your brand. Also, do not forget to include your agency's contact information so that your clients can easily reach you when they plan to book your services.

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