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How to Create Travel Invoices in Microsoft Word?

An invoice is a business document that lists and records the buyer-seller transaction. It is a vital part of the accounting internal controls and audits because it record sales transaction of a company. Invoices can come in different forms such as receipts, debit notes, sales invoices, bill of sales, and more. Thus, a travel invoice is the type of invoice commonly used by a transportation company, tourism and transport services and maintenance agency, etc.

Below are the details on how to create a travel invoices in MS Word:

1. Make a Choice

Before you start making and sending an invoice, you must select how do you want to do the invoicing. Should it be through online or manual? You should decide. It is because determining the manner of invoicing also determines the type of invoice that you will be creating — electronic invoice or paper invoice. For better understanding, let us define what is electronic invoicing. E-invoicing is a kind of electronic billing to produce, store, and check documents that are transaction-related between the buyer and the seller. It also guarantees the fulfillment of the terms of agreements of the said parties. Thus, decide carefully.

2. Utilize a Travel Invoice Template

Help yourself a travel invoice template from our website and launch MS Word. Start a new file and work on the technical aspects of the format such as the orientation, size, and file format. The sizes available to use are A4 and US while portrait and landscape are the orientation choices, all you have to do is pick what will work best for you. Since you are using Microsoft Word, .docx will be the file format of your document.

3. Add the Buyer and Seller's Info

A business transaction is the activity of exchanging products, services, or money between a seller and a consumer. Invoices keep tabs of the said transactions; therefore, it plays an integral part in business. Do not forget to write the details of the parties involved. Start from the seller's name, address, and contact info followed by the buyer. In that sense, there will be no confusion because everything are in order.

4. Date

Indicating the date in your invoice is crucial because this will inform the customers when the invoice was made and the payment schedule. According to a study, the percentage of invoices that are paid passed its due is 60%. To avoid late payments, remind the buyers about their payment obligations with the help of the date.

5. Items Purchase and Payment Terms

It will not be called as an invoice if it does not contain the items that being purchased because the purpose of invoice is to record the the agreement that happened between two parties. So, list the products or services that has been bought — such as plane tickets, airport transportation, etc. — together with their corresponding prices. Make sure that what you are inputting are the exact details, do not manipulate it especially the prices in order to maintain trustworthiness and transparency. Afterward, write the terms of payment so that the other party will know the rules and methods of paying.

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