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How to Write a Career Letter?

A career letter is a formal document that a person writes that focus on their career. This letter can be a career cover letter, career change letter, resignation letter for career growth, and others. The website, Chron, stated that a career creates personal and professional gratification for a person, unlike a job. Hence, most people are planning to develop a career for themselves. In fact, if you're one of these people, you can start with writing a career letter either to apply for a new position or to resign for career growth. Either of the two, help yourself write a professional career document with the assistance of the tips below.

1. Consider Your Goal

Before beginning your business letter, always focus on your objective, motivation, or goal. Identify the purpose of writing the letter. Do you want to resign for career growth? Or do you wish to apply to a new position in the company for a promotion? There can be different objectives as to why you're writing a letter, and you need to be specific about it.

2. Put Your Thoughts into Words

It's now time to write what you want to say to your recipient. Explain what you want to achieve. Likewise, don't forget to follow the right format in writing a formal letter. Start with salutation, introduction, body, and end with a closing. In addition, in writing your sample letter's content, make sure that you use concise and straightforward words and phrases to make your letter more readable.

3. Establish Formality

Formal language is part of the culture of all professional companies, and your recipient's company is no exception. Therefore, you need to write using formal language in your professional letter.

4. Be Polite

Anyone who will read your simple letter can understand the kind of message you want to convey. He or she can determine if your tone is polite or respectful. Consequently, it would help if you sounded polite and courteous. This will show that you respect your recipient.

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