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How to Create a Simple Letter?

A simple letter, like any other types and kinds of letters, is used in communicating with people in your day-to-day business, personal, and Academic Affairs. Even with the advancements of technology and especially in the way we communicate, letters remain an important medium of communication, both personal and business purposes. Planning to hand in your resignation letter? Requesting for a vacation leave? Announcing an upcoming life event for your family and friends? Regardless of your simple letter's subject and purpose, your letter format, letter layout, and overall content must always be kept short, straight to the point, and as factual as possible.

To make sure you meet the aforementioned goals, here are some guidelines that can guide you in creating an effective simple letter.

1. First Impressions Matter, Create an Engaging Opening

Letter writing and sending one might be easy for some people but what makes it challenging is ensuring that its intended recipients would actually receive. About 60% of hiring managers admitted about not reading cover letters; however, worry not for half of them believe that writing cover letters were still necessary. This is why first impressions matter and that you should create an engaging opening that will hook them into reading the entire contents of your Sample Letter and avoid getting it into their "read later" pile that less likely gets read anyway.

2. Provide a Clear Simple Letter Structure

It is important that your letter should be written as comprehensive as possible. Letters are used as a part of a Communication Plan that any mistake and ambiguity would lead to miscommunication and misinformation. One way of avoiding this by creating a clear structure within your letter which allows you to organize your thoughts into a clear, concise, and coherent message your recipient can easily comprehend.

3. Make the Body Possess Both Interesting and Substantial Features

The contents and the structure of your letter's body can make or break the effectiveness of your letter this is why you have to ensure that it contains both interesting and substantial features. If you cannot figure out and write down relevant and significant matters within your letter, then that defeats the reason why you are writing in the first place. When your letter fails to contain both features, you are not only wasting your own time but you are also wasting the recipients'.

4. Focus on the Needs of Your Letter Recipients

When you write a letter, you have to secure the information needed and required by your intended addressee. Ask yourself questions like "What essential information does the letter's recipient get from this correspondence?" or "Have I addressed the possible expectations of my letter's intended readers as soon as they open the letter?" If you notice that your draft has not met your intended recipient's needs, then it only means your letter is not yet ready for sending.

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