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  • In every business organization, business letters are one of the most important documents. These letters, if written well, are capable of establishing a professional image of your company. Therefore, as a business organization, you must prepare a template of letters so that you can use them anytime. You might be wondering how to write these types of letters. In this case, you can check our site for various professionally written and 100% customizable Business Letter Templates in various file formats like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. So avoid spending too much time writing these letters. Subscribe to our subscription plans now and download these templates in seconds. 

    How to Write a Business Letter 

    A business letter is a type of document commonly used by the organization for internal and external purposes. It is a formal and effective communication tool that will also form a permanent record. As stated by Marstranslacion, a professional translation service, business letters are essential documents since they serve as a formal method of communication between organizations and people. 

    Other than a method of communication, business letters are also used for legal purposes. Therefore, you should write these letters professionally. Here are a few tips that we prepared for you when writing one. 

    1. Determine the Purpose of Your Letter

    First of all, you need to determine the purpose or goal of your business letter. If you are planning to secure a service contract with your prospective client, the content of your letter should address their needs or problems. 

    2. Keep It Simple

    The business letters are meant to provide the reader with easy-to-understand information. Hence, you must simplify the construction of your sentences. Also, pay attention to the point of view of your letter. Use “I” when referring to yourself and “We” if referring to your company. Use “You” if referring to your recipient. 

    3. Avoid Using Uncommon Words

    The simple technique to make your business letter easy to understand is to avoid using uncommon words. Use those words that are mostly used in business environments. A simple letter goes a long way.

    4. Include Call-to-Action

    The best way to ensure that your business letter gets a response from the recipient is to include a call-to-action. The call-to-action is one to two sentences that invites the recipient to call or contact you for any questions about your business letter. Also, don’t forget to include your contact information such as email addresses, and telephone and mobile numbers. 

    5. Proofread Your Letter

    Even professional writers are not immune to typographical, grammatical, misspellings, and other forms of mistakes. Therefore, make sure to proofread your formal letter before using or submitting it. Also, you may ask your workmate or colleagues to proofread your letters too. 


  • What are the parts of a business letter?

      Like most other letters, the business letter should include the following parts:

      1. Letterhead
      2. Date 
      3. Recipient’s information (Complete name, company name and address, contact information)
      4. Salutation
      5. Body of the letter
      6. Closing 

  • What is the standard business letter style?

      The are four standard business letter styles, which are the following:

      1. Full Block Style
      2. Semi-Block Style
      3. Modified Block Style
      3. Modified Semi-Block Style

  • How long should a business letter be?

      A business letter should not exceed two pages. The word count should be 300 to 600 words. Remember that your business letter should be concise yet informative. If you need to state further information, consider writing a separate report attached to the letter. 

  • Should I design my business letter?

      The business letters are formal documents and should not be designed other than the company letterhead.

  • What are the types of business letters?

      There are two types of business letters: formal and informal business letters. The formal business letter is the one with legal correspondence which includes business deals, order, claim, agreements, information request, sales report, and other relative documents.