Making a gift certificate for your business is not an easy task, especially if you don't have a background in graphic designing. No need to worry though, as we have designed these Gift Certificate Templates to help users avoid the hassle of starting from scratch. You may choose from a multitude of gift certificate designs for any business or event. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed, these are all 100% customizable in Adobe Illustrator. The files are also expertly-designed by our graphic artists, making use of royalty-free images, text, fonts, colors, and backgrounds. What are you waiting for? Download your choice today!

How To Create A Gift Certificate In Illustrator

Gift certificates are usually given to loyal customers of any business that offers products or services. It is also used as an advertising tool to gain more customers in the future. Gift Certificates give access, privileges, discounts, or freebies on all services and products being offered as much as the gift certificate allows. Giving gift certificates is effective during special holidays like Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, and any other occasion. Restaurants, hotels, barbershops, and salons are usually the business establishments that distribute gift certificates, oftentimes called gift vouchers. Whatever your reason for making a gift certificate, it is a given fact that it needs to be made attractive to be effective. The great thing is, you've come to the right place because we're here to guide you in making your gift certificate with our templates by following these steps:

1. Research The Market

For an effective gift certificate, research first what the trend is in your target market. Doing this enables you to make a gift certificate that's needed most by customers. You may also seek proper advice from your business's marketing team since they are experts in that field. By doing that, you'll ensure your gift certificates will be a successful hit with your customers.

2. Draft The Layout

To make the process smoother, why not make a draft of the ideas you have in your mind? Make a draft of everything that you have in store, then decide on the best outlook of your certificate. To make everything easy, choose one of our ready-made templates, then download and customize it according to your liking.

3. Use Adobe Illustrator

You can use any editing software but do not miss the features that Adobe Illustrator has to offer. Using this software will make your editing easier when doing your draft since the software can enhance the graphics of your certificate. The software is also accessible to any devices like mobile phones, Mac, or your PC. Aside from its enhancement features, Adobe illustrator is easy to navigate. so there's no need for overthinking on how to use it.

4. Write Important Details

The essential details include the terms, conditions, validity, and the type of access or discount that the gift certificate offers. It is necessary to write this part so that the recipient will be informed on how to avail and use the certificate. The details do not need to be written long; just be concise and direct since the space for a gift certificate is limited.

5. Provide Space For Recipient's Name

Unlike vouchers, gift certificates have a space for the name of the recipient. Do not forget to leave a space for names that will be soon filled out once the gift certificate will be given to specific customers.

6. Insert The Design

Since our templates already have designs that are easy to customize and edit with your details, the only thing you need to do is to incorporate your branding. This is important since one of the reasons why you are making a gift certificate is to promote your brand. You can insert the logo of your company in the certificate and use it as a background.

7. Print then Distribute

Double-check if everything is ready before you print. Use a high-quality paper as a material so that your gift certificate won't be torn easily. After that, you can freely distribute the gift certificates to your customers.

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