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How to Create a Gift Label in Illustrator

Gifts are staples in every event. The demand for presents rises during the Christmas holiday and graduation season. It is also always present in birthdays, especially for children. During a wedding reception, it is common to see a table on the side, which holds the gifts explicitly for the newly-wed couple. Some go out of their way to find the perfect gift and to wrap it up in the best way possible. Personalized gifts always appeal to everyone and add it up with personal or handmade sticker tags; the value of the gift shoots up.

1. Determine its Use

Gift tags are used to organize the gifts by having a label on each. It determines who it is for and for what occasion. Additionally, the design of the tag must go together with the event that calls for it. For formal weddings, make sure that the tabs of the gifts have elegant designs that go with the motif of the celebration. In informal events like a birthday party or a baby shower, you can opt for more fancy or quirky designs that can add some pop and flair.

2. Accentuate with Colors

Gift tags are usually high-quality, but small cuts of paper. Adding colors to it makes it noticeable. Even minimalist designs use solid colors which can easily attract attention. No matter what your preferred style is, colors are always helpful in making the material more visually attractive and appealing. In events which follows a color palette, it is best to use the same colors in your tag, or other colors that complement the proposed scheme. You can either have a colored background with neutral-colored fonts, or a neutral background with whites and blacks paired with bright colored fonts.

3. Use Effective Fonts

Speaking of fonts, you should always these smartly. Fonts are practical tools for attracting attention. Typography designs should also fit with the occasion. Furthermore, the sizing also adds to the aesthetic of the card. You have fewer wordings to work with, so it is best to use one or two styles to mix and match with the rest of the layout. Colored fonts can also add impact to the overall design.

4. Choose the Best Paper Quality

Since gift cards are more vulnerable to damage because they can be cut, folded, and crumpled. The present with the tag should be carried with extra care. Additionally, the labels should be on high-quality and sturdy paper. In this way, the print is more crisp and detailed, and the tag is less prone to handling damages. Furthermore, using premium paper for printing is an investment. The products are more durable and long-lasting, which can be used for several occasions, given that the design goes with the celebration.

5. Choose a Tie or Ribbon

Gift Labels are usually attached to the present or wrapped around it. Wrapping the tag around the gift makes it more appealing. With this, you also need to choose the perfect material to tie the label. You can select among thin and thick cuts or ribbons, kinds of ropes such as twine. It is definitely up to you. Take note that this material does not only tie the label to the gift, but it also ties the design altogether.

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