How to Make Gift Tags in Adobe Illustrator

A gift tag is a small decorative piece of object that is being attached to something to give an identity or to give information. Typically, a gift tag is made of a piece of paper, cloth, plastic, and any other creative materials. Its primary purpose is to emphasize the messages that the giver wants to convey to the recipient. Like an average tag, it is attached to a particular object; however, a gift tag is more likely attributed to presents. Most of the people would use gift tags on special gift-giving occasions like Christmas, birthdays, Easter Sundays, graduation, Halloween, Valentine's, Mother's Day, baby showers, wedding, and so much more to mention. Other people would also have a different way of using a gift such as attaching them on place cards, notebooks, and so on.

People use gift tags to put a brief sincere message as they give their presents to the recipient. If you want to have a more heartfelt gift tag, you can personalize your fancy tag by using Adobe Illustrator. You can rely on the following tips below for you to be guided.

1. Decide the Type of Gift Tag

First things first, you have to determine the type of gift tag that you want to make. What occasion are you making it for? Knowing this first will help you guide throughout the rest of the design process like formatting and design of your tag. For example, if you are trying to make a wedding place card to invite your guest, you can add an original tag with a cordial welcoming message.

2. Conceptualize Your Gift Tag

If you have decided which type of gift tag that you want to produce, you can now conceptualize your gift tag design in a scratch paper. To give you a hint, a gift tag looks like a gift label that are also used to attach in presents, you can rely your gift tag design on gift labels for you to be guided. Then, sketch your desired gift tag design that you have in mind, and it will be easier for you to choose a gift tag design template or you can create one on your own.

3. Choose a Gift Tag Design Template

Gift tags are like small stationery and they can be useful for arts and crafts. You are given the option of whether or not to open a design software or just make a gift tag from scratch. But to make the task efficiently and conveniently, you can use the different gift tag templates that can be found online. The gift tag templates are similar to the commodity gift tags that can be found in retail stores, but these gift tags can be editable for your preference.

4. Customize the Chosen Template

Launch your Adobe Illustrator application and customize your chosen template. Most of the templates online are already pre-formatted with features like font styles, graphics, and styles. These design elements can be modified according to your own expected gift tag design that you have outlined from the second step. For instance, if you want to give a stationery kit like creative notebooks to a certain person, you can follow the stationery kit's design and relate them to your gift tag. Also, take note of the consistency of the design to avoid making it look messy.

5. Print Your Gift Tag Design

Take one last look to finalize everything. You can also ask some other people's opinions as your basis. If everything is already set, save your gift tag design for the printing process. Like an elegant ticket, gift tags must also be printed on a thick durable paper to avoid crumpling. You can also add some ornaments to make your tag more attractive by using glitters, beads, etc.

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