Deciding what gift to give to someone special can be puzzling, especially when you want what’s the best for them. But with gift vouchers, you just have to purchase one from a single store and let that person avail of whichever he or she likes. If you are running a business, you should consider creating gift vouchers for your customers. To help you with that, we offer you our beautifully designed Gift Voucher Templates you can easily edit in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. With these 100% customizable, high-quality, and printable templates, you will come up with the best voucher design in a breeze. Download a template today to boost your sales right away!

How to Design a Gift Voucher in Adobe Illustrator?

People in the business industry think of ways to retain the customer base and establish brand loyalty. These two factors are beneficial in generating the sales of a particular business. For this reason, marketers launch advertising campaigns, offer promotions, and sometimes, sell a product at a lesser price. If you are running a business, here’s a suggestion for you—provide gift vouchers for your existing and potential customers. A gift voucher is a rectangular piece of card or paper usually purchased by a customer from a shop to give it to someone as a gift during special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, and wedding. Then, the recipient of the voucher will use it to avail of a product or service in a particular store. If you think creating a gift voucher is just a waste of time and effort, keep this statistic in mind: In the United States alone, 93% of surveyed consumers purchase or receive a gift card every year. What are you waiting for? Start designing a gift card or voucher and use the steps provided below as your guide.

1. Use an Editing Application of Your Choice

The first vital step in designing a voucher is to choose an editing application you think will help you do the job more efficiently. If you want to achieve a creative and aesthetically pleasing gift voucher design, we suggest that you make use of Adobe Illustrator. Designers use this software to create vector graphics and logos. It also allows users to create a customized font to match with their design.

2. Think About the Theme

After opening a software, choose a theme which you would like to incorporate in your design. The theme could be associated with an upcoming holiday (e.g., 4th of July, Christmas, New Year). If you are running a luxurious hotel or restaurant, then you may want your voucher to appear elegant. On the other hand, if you are offering spa or salon services, your gift cards or vouchers should also embody the beauty you provide. Moreover, you may also add photography as part of your design.

3. Highlight the Offer

Aside from its overall appearance, the offer is what makes the voucher enticing. Therefore, you have to highlight what your business will provide in exchange for the gift voucher. It can be a 20% discount on a food or menu item your restaurant serves or a free donut in your coffee shop. Offering a discount or a promotion will surely make your customers want to purchase vouchers from your store. If it is a cash voucher, be sure to specify its value.

4. Include the Terms and Conditions

On the opposite side of your gift voucher, indicate the terms and conditions that come along with using the voucher. Doing so will help avoid misunderstandings that may occur. Inform the bearer of the card that it isn’t exchangeable with cash, it can only be used when shopping at your store, and it can’t be replaced when lost.

5. Promote Your Vouchers

After printing your vouchers on a high-quality card or paper stock, it is time to promote your material. In this modern time, you can use various media platforms for advertising an offer. If you opt for digital marketing, you may create a post on Facebook or Twitter. It should feature an image of your voucher with a caption that concisely explains the perks of purchasing vouchers and giving them as a personal gift for a friend or a family member.

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