How to Create Organizational Charts in Apple Pages

An organizational chart is a diagram that demonstrates an organization's structure, its components and positions/job relationships, and relative ranks. Its structure is like a family tree but in an establishment such as schools or construction sites but with the hierarchy of positions from the highest down to the lowest. If you're interested in how to create an organizational chart, then continue reading this article for we will show you a step-by-step guide below with the help of Apple Pages. Here's how:

1. Make Use of Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a software that you can use in terms of making business documents such as organizational charts, flow chart, and other documents. You can fully access this software using your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. Apple Pages is the perfect editing tool you need because it has easy-to-use features that you can use for the success of your organization chart and we guarantee you that you will surely love the result. Download the app now in case you haven't installed one yet.

2. Download an Organizational Chart Template Online

If you want to make your work much easier, then we highly suggest downloading chart templates here in Template.Net instead of draining yourself in designing from scratch. As you can see in the upper portion of this page, it has a lot of simple charts that you can choose from. Just click one and edit or replace the content or the images using Apple Pages.

3. Make an Outline

Before you start editing the editable chart template, make sure that you create a draft of your outline first on a piece of paper. Your outline must start with the visual of your structure such as the organization's biggest components, such as the primary departments. If you are using an employee-based graph, you might also begin with the primary executives. The point of this procedure is to establish a vision of what your chart needs to look like and how much information you'll want to include.

4. Collect all the Information you Need

This is the most important part of the whole printable chart making process. Whatever type of chart may it be, whether it's for school or business purposes, you must collect all the necessary information such as their names, their position or title, their relationship with one another, and also their photographs.

5. Divide the Employees

Now that you already know their names, titles, and their relationship with one another, it's time for you to divide the employees in your basic chart from the highest position down to the lowest position. It's essential to draw lines of one another so that you can show its relationship form this department down to the other department.

6. Proofread your Work

Once you're done with your task, it's time for you to review and proofread your work if there are any missing details that weren't included in the editable chart. Aside from that, double-check also if you encoded the correct spellings of their names and see if their images match their names.

7. Print the Chart

Finally, you are down to the last part on how to create a simple chart using Apple Pages. Now that you are done, make sure that you print it in heavy-duty waterproof material such as tarpaulins. Don't print it on a piece of paper because remember, your work will be posted on the walls of your establishment that is why you must print it on a tarpaulin or other heavy-duty material you know unless you are going to present in a creative powerpoint presentation in front of the clients.

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