How To Create An Organizational Chart in Numbers?

An organizational chart helps the organization structure to meet the business objectives. It also aims to help divide the functions of each department in the company. An organizational chart also guides the employees to know their rights and responsibilities. Most importantly, it's also a point of reference for anyone. To help you create a useful organizational chart, here are a few tips to help you in creating one.

1. Use Organizational Charting Software

When you manually create your organizational chart, it's pretty time-consuming and very exhausting. Especially when you create an organizational chart for a corporate partnership or corporation, you will need to create more distinguished copies to make it more efficient. Also, each department has quite a bigger number of subordinates; which makes it complicated. In which case, you'll need to use charting software like Apple Numbers.

2. Determine Your Layout

Especially when your company has many groups of employees, it's best to arrange the chart reasonably in order to look neat. In which case, you will need to decide whether you will use a vertical or horizontal layout for your organizational chart. Whichever you choose, make sure it enables the readers' optimal scanning. It actually depends on the scanning comprehension of your readers. Some of them can optimally scan your chart horizontally or vertically. To make sure you covered both considerations, use both layouts.

3. Use Similar Shape Size For Each Level

Using different shape sizes for every level in the chart will make it look messy. Therefore, it's best if you use shapes with the same sizes on the same levels. You may also make the same sizes on all levels of your chart. In addition to size conformation, you should also consider using the same shapes on the same levels. This means that if the shape of a particular level is square, then make sure you use square for the entire level of your chart.

4. Spell-Out The Details Correctly

Since an organizational chart can serve as a point of reference, make sure you address the employees correctly and make you spell their names correctly. Whether it's in the hotel, hospital, office, or construction site, make sure your employees' names are complete and spelled correctly. Don't forget to provide their exact designation. Then, make sure you make the hierarchy successfully. Make sure that you arranged your employees from the management team, down to the manufacturing team.

5. Use Templates For More Convenience

Especially when you're not confident with your design skills anymore, don't hesitate to use our very own well-designed organizational chart templates in Apple Numbers. As you launch your Apple Pages in your MAC or any device, choose "Numbers" and go to the "Preferences" option at the top portion of your screen. Then, go to "General Pane," select "Use Template" and click the "Change Template" button to choose a template.

6. Customize Your Chosen Template

Now it's time to personalize the template you chose. You have to select the " File" menu then go to the "New" tab and double-click the template you want to use as the basis for a new template. Make your changes by using branding colors and make sure you use colors that make the texts visible. Any color will do as long it will not hurt the eyes of your readers. Then, make sure to include the logo of the business. Once you're done, hit the "save" button and print on a good-sized tarpaulin.

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