How To Create An Organizational Chart In Microsoft Excel

Although most of us oversee the importance of having an organizational chart, did you know that this type of chart plays great importance to your institution? Aside from it shows the hierarchy of the positions in your company or organization, making use of organizational chart differentiates the specific role and function of your company as a whole.

As a manager who drives the overall function of your company, whether, in business or the school setting, you can make use of an organizational tool is a great benefit for you. Gathered below is an assembled list of guidelines on how you can quickly draw an organizational chart of your own.

1. Familiarize Your Organization's Structure And Nature

The most basic step in having one organizational chart is by listing the members and their specific positions of your company. Although this task is already nuts and bolts, the challenge here is distinguishing your org's functions and responsibilities. With this, you need to get to know more about how your company works. Identify the nature of your establishment, such as policies, communication, and departments. Then, on a separate sheet, create a mock draft on the structural body of your company. Your actualized draft will serve as your basis on how are you going to structure your chart.

2. Use A Pre-Made Template File

For you to save time and effort on having one structured organizational chart, we highly recommend you to make use of a template file. If you browse our webpage above, you can see a series of sample charts that you can utilize in your desired org chart. Our template files offer you a pre-programmed template file for your hotel business, construction company, corporate group, and more. We guaranteed that all of our templates are editable for your use.

3. Choose Microsoft Excel As Your Layout Tool

Microsoft Excel software is one of the software tools that you can utilize on your organizational chart layout. If you opt to use a template file, the Microsoft Excel allows you to access the file and customize it with its available tool that is vital in a chart creation. You can access this application with the use of your Windows devices.

4. Transfer The Org Chart's Content

Using your Microsoft Excel app, transfer the vital content that would complete your org chart's structure. Garner an amount of tables and leading lines that are essential to your chart's content. Also, upon doing your chart's layout process, make sure that you'll refer to the basic elements of organizational structure.

5. Integrate Color Scheme

One of the primary characteristics of structured charts is systematic, regardless if it is a seating chart or timeline chart. In this case, try to incorporate a color scheme in your organization chart. The color scheme allows your actualized chart to be more comprehensive in structure. Upon picking the right color palette that you would want to integrate, you can make use of your brand's default scheme for brand identity purposes.

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