While there are a variety of denominations formed from different religions, one cannot deny that the church can definitely help certain individuals express their gratitude towards a higher being. If you want other people to also gain peace and acceptance that only being in a church can offer, we highly suggest promoting your church using our Church Brochure Templates in InDesign. These are 100% customizable to make it fit your needs. Our well-made products are also available in programs such as MS Word (.docx), MS Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Illustrator (.ai). Get your hands on a template today and spread the word of God in a more educational manner!

How to Create a Church Brochure in InDesign:

Statistics accumulated by the Gallup has found that there is a drastic decline in the population of church-going Americans. In the years 1998 - 2000, 62% of adults were church members and only 52% in the years 2016 - 2018. Because of the dip in the churchgoer population, churches must put in the effort to call others to join the group. While there are strong skeptics about faith, it is important to note that going to church has many benefits. This includes socialization with others, gratitude with what we have today, being forgiving and finding a deeper meaning to life, to name a few.

Not only is promoting your church beneficial for your congregation but it also helps those who are lost find their way in life. Through a simple church brochure, you can feature your church services, worship programs, and even charity initiatives. To help you craft a beautiful and one of a kind brochure for your church, read more!

1. Choose a Format

There are 2 formats a brochure has which are bi-fold and tri-fold. Bi-fold brochures allow for bigger pictures to be presented. Because there are fewer folds, there are fewer interruptions on the images shown.

Tri-fold brochures, on the other hand, allow for smaller images, but more written content. This allows the brochure to be more informative. Whatever the purpose of your brochure, these two options are your best bet for an eye-catching promotional tool.

2. Select a template that fits your preferred aesthetic

We have a variety of church brochures available for a variety of churches. Whether you are a baptist church, a Catholic church, or Christians, we are sure that you’ll find a design that will work for you. We even have designs that are modern and creative if you want to attract a younger crowd.

3. Customize the brochure contents in Adobe InDesign

While the templates we have available already have contents, it is highly recommended that you customize the written work present so it fits your desired purpose. Whether you want to welcome new members to join, promote a fundraiser, or be informative regarding the history of your church, you have to add in your own contents. InDesign is a great editing tool perfect for promotional tools like flyers and brochures, which is perfect for you!

4. Edit your work, then print

Keep an eye on typographical errors like spelling, punctuation, and wrong grammar. This has the potential to really put off readers. Have someone else check your work. The tendency is that they’ll see little details that you haven’t noticed more. Make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the brochure before printing it out.

5. Choose your distribution process

While using social media, email marketing, or the church’s website is a great platform where you can let potential church members, volunteers, and certain individuals read your brochure, the old fashioned way of print and distribute can also suffice. Just ensure that you can get your word out there so that your church’s future projects and endeavors can be a success.

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