Did you know that the church played a significant role in the government during the Middle Ages? On the contrary with the modern-day separation of state and church, religion and nobility were unanimous in administering the estate's welfare. Today, the church acts as a separate entity, but it keeps a strong influence on many. It is not a wonder why people get involved in different church activities like church service, fund-raising, and religious feasts. With that, here's a multipurpose church brochure template that you can easily download. Get this template for free with various file formats. Utilize our 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally designed, high-quality, and printable brochure template. Avail our template now and save your time in making church brochures.

How to Make a Church Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

Many know that business is the primary user of promotional materials like brochures and flyers. The reason for that is marketing tools help boost monetary resources. As a versatile printed publication, many have been utilizing brochures primarily for promoting products and services. Little did you know that there are alternative usage of brochures. Some restaurants use brochures for menus. When there's a grand opening, businesses make an invitation out of brochures. Or presentation packages for maps and resumes. As a result, brochures are still at the top of the line when it comes to marketing materials. The data based on a survey conducted in the United States, 79% of the small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) have been using brochures and flyers as part of their marketing strategy. However, the functionality of brochures doesn't solely land on the hands of entrepreneurs. Thus, aside from business, many institutions reach out to brochures in promoting their activities and campaigns. One with many, the church had fair use of brochures too. Read below. We made a list of steps in making a time-saving church brochure in Illustrator.

1. Highlight the Main Purpose of the Brochure

Always remember to provide a clear and elaborated idea in the content of the church brochure. There are many ways to use multipurpose brochures in church activities. Whether it's for church services or youth group gatherings, one of the best ways to make it known is through brochures. Be specific and focus on notable ideas. An effective way to present the ideas is by developing and reinforcing it with supporting details. This way, you will deliver the content vividly to the readers.

2. Generate Creativity; Include HD Images

Unlike flyers, business brochures are a rich-text printed publication. A study shows that readers only allocate 25 to 29 seconds per 100 words. Imagine a brochure with a page full of text. That doesn't seem desirable to the audience. Be persistent when it comes to grabbing the attention of the church brochure readers. Use high-definition images and incorporate them into the content. Make sure the images are related to the content so it will be cohesive. Moreover, when it comes to layout and design, ensure that important details and branding are not lost.

3. Make a Descriptive & Informative Content

The best church brochure is the one that has an emphasis on whatever purpose it has to deliver. In that case, only include the most relevant information into the content of a corporate brochure. There are no rules in picking the subject the brochure has to talk about because it could be anything.

4. Find the Balance

Making the church brochure balanced means organizing the elements into the right proportions. It can be tempting to include as much information. But if you want the flyer to serve its purpose, avoid the unnecessary. Again, it is not about fitting all the information into the brochure. It is about delivering excellent results.

5. Provide an Effective Distribution Channel

Printing the modern brochure on a glossy paper is not the only way to produce it. In the age of digital marketing, advertisements pop in and out anywhere. Keep up with the trend by producing digital copies of the church brochure and post it online. Though brochures are already effective as it is, the online market has tons of potential customers, and you must reach them.

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