Church leaders, staff, and even members are helping each other to make their church grow not just in numbers but helping other people to develop their relationship with God. Whether you are planning for an upcoming church event, annual religious gathering, or simply promoting your church, etc., you need a communication tool that will efficiently deliver your message. Brochures are a cost-effective medium that contains more details than flyers. Check out our collections of Church Brochure Templates that are available in all versions of Publisher, Photoshop, Word, Pages, InDesign, and Illustrator. Get files available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Download freely. 

How to Make a Church Brochure in Publisher

Promoting your church as a whole is a challenging mission. Nowadays, a lot of people are considering various options when looking for a home church. Others are seeking for answers to their spiritual concerns, looking for opportunities to serve, and other possible reasons. The value of a church brochure may sometimes be overlooked. Yet, it's still an effective way of telling people to join your congregation by providing precise and relevant details about the church. This kind of brochure can give a brief initial glimpse of the church and clarify some of the queries a church visitor might ask. Thus, securing a winning brochure is a must-do.

Below, we have elaborated some practical tips to create one that stands out.

1. Draft a Persuasive Content

In any promotional or informational material such as flyers, posters, and brochures, content is the foundation. A winning brochure content contains a relevant and understandable message. In crafting a suggestive content for your church brochure, you need to include necessary details that will promote or introduce your church. This information consists of a brief background of your church, along with its vision and mission, church programs, and ministries. Moreover, on the next page of your brochure, include details such as your church address, contacts, and church service schedule. Just a tip: Keep clutter-free and as brief as possible.

2. Add Compelling Images

Just like church flyers, your church brochure also needs something to grab the reader's attention. How? Add images and illustrations that will help readers understand more about your message. For instance, you may want to include pictures of your church ministry activities. That way, readers will know what other things to expect in your church. Always remember to choose high-quality and compelling photographs.

3. Select a Color Scheme

Color sparks interest. That is why you need to be meticulous in picking the right color scheme for your church brochure. If you decide to have a minimal theme, you must select a color palette that matches your design theme. Or, if you plan to create a church conference brochure, choose an elegant color scheme. Doing it right will make your professional brochure look appealing.

4. Organize Texts and Graphics Logically

Church brochure also serves as a worship guide to both church members and church visitors. To make your church brochure more engaging, organize all the texts, graphics, and design elements in an easy-to-follow order. Do not be tempted to use up all the space. Your printable brochure must give readers a comfortable reading experience to help them understand your message.

5. Download a Suitable Church Brochure Template

If you are not confident enough to conceptualize your church brochure design, you may look for alternative ways. Research for suitable design ideas and select the best one. We have provided a collection of church brochure templates that you can freely download. Edit and customize it in Microsoft Publisher and other accessible file formats. MS Publisher is an efficient and convenient software application that will assist you in creating your brochure's layout, design, texts, effects, etc.

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