Open MS Publisher on your PC or mobile device and start designing your envelope used to enclose a letter or document. Whether you are sending a letter, document, or card, we have the right template you can personalize to suit your needs. We also have numerous designs from creative and contemporary, to minimalistic, that are perfect for any purpose including gym, sports, soccer, barbershop, architecture, and others. They make use of beautifully-designed content, including high-quality layout, artwork, images, text fonts, and graphic files. They are also 100% customizable and expertly done from scratch so that you can personalize as you want or ask your designer to make changes. Choose from one of our premium envelopes templates in Microsoft publisher that can be downloaded instantly, anytime, anywhere.

How To Create An Envelope In Microsoft Publisher

Unlike the old times, envelopes are highly in use since letters are sent through snail mail. Today, any documents can be transmitted through emails (electronic mail). It does not mean that envelopes are extinct and cannot be used. Letters or any documents like postcards, business documents, contracts, and others are considered formal when sent encased with an envelope.

Looking for envelope templates? Having doubts about yourself if you are capable of making an envelope? We got your back! Choose any envelope that suits your preferences then download it instantly for a fast and convenient way of making an envelope. You are lucky because we have shared tips and steps below that will significantly help you in making the most beautiful but formal envelope you can imagine! Read and follow what we prepare below:

1. Determine The Envelope's Purpose

Envelopes are made with a purpose. It is impossible that envelopes are created out of context. The envelope's purpose depends on what type of letter or document is inside. For an easy process, read and understand the letter first. Documents that are usually enclosed with envelopes are greeting cards, personal letters, gift cards, and even money or cash. When you determine the purpose, taking the next steps will make things easy.

2. Choose An Envelope Type

There are many types of envelopes, and they depend on its inside letter. Office, school, and home type of letter fit for clasp envelopes while the brochures, flyers, and catalogs will look perfect if the booklet type of envelope encases it. Choose from the variety of envelopes our website offers. Download and customize the envelope you chose; then it is guaranteed that you will please the receiver.

3. Incorporate Branding And Labels

Advertising type of envelopes needs branding elements such as the company logo and company letterhead (address, contact number, email add). Envelopes are generally small in size. Thus, the branding logo needs to be in regular size. The company letterhead is usually located at any corner of the envelope and is generally in proper font size and style.

4. Use An Editing Software

The devices you own usually have built-in software that is helpful for editing. For personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones, Microsoft Publisher is undoubtedly available. Why look for another software when your device already has one? Save time and use Microsoft Publisher that allows freedom to any aspect of the publication.

5. Finalize And Neatly Fold The Envelope

Save the finished product but do not forget to double-check every detail. Envelopes will transform into elegant envelopes if they are printed in synthetic materials like polyethylene and high-quality paper. Folding the envelope will be tricky, but it will not be a problem if you opt to use and download it to any of our available envelope templates.

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