Using brochures to promote a product, service, or event needs to have a good balance of being eye-catching and informative. You’ll find that our Microsoft Publisher compatible brochure templates can give you just that. We have a wide variety of ready-made brochure designs for business, restaurants, travel, and architecture. They are also accessible and fully customizable, giving you the option to change template colors, fonts, text, images, and graphics. Print-ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. You may also share them digitally through email and other online platforms. Available on tri-fold and bi-fold types and in sizes of (A3) 16.54x11.69 inches; (US) 8.5x11; (A4) 8.23x11.69 inches and a lot more depending on your preference.

How to Create a Brochure in MS Publisher

Printed brochures are promotional formal documents that help introduce an emerging company, a new line of business, newly developed products or services, and the like. It is a type of advertising media that one can touch, keep, and pass on to another audience. They are also more convenient to use than trailing the internet for information about a certain company, product or service.

To create an attractive and interesting promotional document, you need to invest in its materials and write compelling content to catch the attention of your demographic. We tailored some basic steps that you can apply in making your own business brochure.

1. Identify the Brochure Type

Don't get too excited about picking a design theme for your brochure. You have to figure out first the type of printable brochure that you will be needing for your promotional ad. To help narrow down the factors, you need to determine the purpose of the brochure and the target viewers. Once you already identify these factors, you can then start looking for a suitable design that will boost the effectivity of your promotional material.

2. Know What to Include in the Contents

When you already figured out the type of product, sales, or service brochure to make, start collecting the data that you will be including to the document. Start with a noteworthy introduction about your business, organization, or the product or service that you are offering followed by the highlights and the benefits that can capture the interest of your readers. Attach your contact information, email address, office or branch addresses, and more.

3. Select the Best Brochure Template

There are a couple of promotional and marketing material templates or documents available on the internet like apps and software that will let you create an advertising document or templates such as an elegant pamphlet, booklet, flyer, a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure and more. Look for a template that will match the requirements. Check the sample layout and the brochure design and download the file using your smartphone or any mobile device.

4. Introduce the Contents Into the Template

Start being creative by incorporating a captivating color scheme to your brochure template. Adjust and modify the formatting and attach high-quality visuals. Add your company's name, office address, email address, contact information, and brand logo and place it on the first page of the document. The next page should contain the introduction and the highlights or benefits offered by your company, service, or product.

5. Review and Do Revisions If Necessary

Now that you are done editing and making the necessary adjustments, reassess the final draft and check if it needs further alterations or revisions. Do a couple of proofreading before saving the document to ensure that the contents and the formatting are correct. Send a copy to one of your seniors or colleague and ask for their opinions and/or recommendations regarding the final output and make the needed adjustments or revisions before printing the brochure template.

6. Print the Output Using High-Quality Paper

Always use high-quality paper stocks or cardstocks to apply and get that vibrant effect in high resolution to all of your tri-fold or bi-fold brochures. You can also look for a printing shop that offers LED UV printing to get the best possible results. This technique uses LED UV lights, blasting the inks until it dries to provide the most outstanding results.

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