If you are starting up a new business, you undoubtedly need a letterhead! Letterheads are a type of branding that helps the consumer remember the company along with its products and services. It may seem like it is only a small piece of design, but it helps in distinguishing and recognizing the enterprise, especially from the competitors. It helps the company stand out and be noticed by potential consumers. We offer high-quality letterhead templates in all versions of MS Publisher! All our templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable for a smoother transaction! So what are you waiting for? Grab one of our letterhead templates now!

How to Make a Letterhead in MS Publisher

One might wonder why brand building is important in any form of business. Branding creates an identity for your company, and without it, it may, unfortunately, lead to failure. The brand gives uniqueness and distinction to the business. So, how the public perceives the company depends on how you brand it.

One of the brands of a company is the letterhead. Just like business cards, logos, stamps, colors, and many more, it adds value to the company. Whenever you see these types of brands, your mind directs you to the company that you can incorporate with that brand. That is how essential it is. A strong one can, unquestionably, establish success right away. To help you, here are some steps in making a letterhead in MS Publisher.

1. Get to Know the Company

To create a strong brand, you have to go back to the roots first. Get to know the company, its origin, its vision, its values, and its mission. You may think that obtaining these pieces of information is too irrelevant and farfetched, but it veritably helps in deciding the details for the sample letterhead.

Then, know the type of company. You have to know which company needs the letterhead since the design has to show alignment with its purpose. For example, how it should be formal and professional when it is for a law firm business office or any corporate offices. Letterheads might be simple, but it still needs to connect with the purpose of the company.

2. Create a Memorable Logo

The company logo is essential in letterheads and the company, in general. So, if you have not made one, this is your opportunity to create one. Logos are also a type of business branding and a vital one. So, be creative and make sure to create a striking one. You can also let a professional graphic designer make one, or some templates we have might help you create an eye-catching company logo.

Another type of branding is the colors. Be sure to choose the appropriate colors, not just for the logo, but for the company. You are going to use these colors for the letterhead too, so choose thoroughly.

3. Make a Minimal Design

After building your other brands, it is time for the actual letterhead. To start, open a new project in your MS Publisher. You can also refer to some sample letterheads online first to have an idea of how you want your letterhead to appear. In designing, make sure to be as minimal and modern as possible. Business letterheads do not need fancy designs; it only needs to be apt for the company. However, you can be playful with the fonts, especially when it is for restaurant, fashion, or any personal company type that does not need any formality. Choose a format that arranges the details accordingly.

4. Decide Where to Attach

Finalize the simple letterhead, and make sure that the designs and patterns are in high-definition. Then, save! Afterward, decide which office stationery you want your letterhead to be displayed. You can use the printable letterhead for company letters, notepads, envelopes, and more stationery that the people can recognize.

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