Do you run a clothing boutique? Are you preparing an upcoming runway show? If you need to let everyone know about anything fashion, then incorporating banners is just what you need! And we can help you design one in no time with our Fashion Banner Templates. Use our 100% customizable content to promote shops, events, and more. Plus, to accommodate different platforms (like Mac Pages and Adobe Illustrator), our samples come in a variety of file formats. Download now and make your advertisement prints with minimal hassle!

How to Make a Fashion Banner

Banners are used for all kinds of promotional functions, from bolstering customer traffic to advertising specific goods (as Chron explains in one of their articles). And so, whether you’re promoting a winter clothing line or the latest in ethnic trends, banners are great for all your fashion-focused advertisements.

Are you unfamiliar with designing a banner? Then feel free to read our tips (below) to get yourself started!

1. Prepare Your Banner’s Size and Layout

When working on your creative banner, the first thing to take care of is its overall format. For the design’s size, some good standard sizes are 468 x 60, 240 x 400, and 88 x 31. In terms of orientation, you can opt for a horizontal or vertical layout, depending on the type of banner you’re going with (hanging, roll-up, etc.).

2. Use Effective Images for Your Banner’s Design

For a fashion-focused print, it needs striking visuals to catch people’s attention. Incorporate photos, illustrations, and other images that are relevant to the advertised fashion subject. When selecting your depictions, go with choices that you can effectively crop and fit into the banner’s layout.

3. Incorporate Sleek Graphic Renders

Another main component of your fashion banner’s look is graphic design. This aspect complements your pictures and brings more color to the overall aesthetic. For a modern appealing design, use renders with a simple vector style. Be sure to also utilize relevant brand logos in your banner.

4. Apply Creative Text

Your banner’s written content also plays a role in making an attractive fashion banner. Choose font colors and styles that match the visual design. Regarding the content itself, mention key details like brands, dates, social media, designers, and so on.

And that’s the last of our tips! Now you have an effective understanding of creating a fashion banner from scratch!

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