Fashion Designer Resume Templates

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Job hunting within the fashion industry can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re looking to easily create a resume showcasing your skills as a fashion designer, then look no further! Check out our Free Ready-Made Fashion Designer Resume Templates to get your task done. Available in Illustrator, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher, you’ll be able to create your resume in no time at all thanks to the template’s hassle-free features. With its suggestive content, you won’t have to start from scratch at all. With all these conveniences, download now and take your first steps in becoming a fashion designer! 

What Is a Fashion Designer Resume?

These are resumes that are specifically tailored to showcase a fashion designer’s previous work experiences, skills, and education. With this information on display, a potential employer can assess whether the person described in the resume is qualified for the job that they are considered for. A fashion designer’s resume typically includes colorful graphics at times, to showcase their artistic side in a subtle way. It is often accompanied by a portfolio of the fashion designer as well as a reference containing people that they are connected to.

How to Create a Fashion Designer Resume 

Considering the fashion industry makes a lot of money, what with the fact that people spend around 380 billion dollars on footwear and apparel, making it big as a fashion designer is certainly an incentive. If you're having some challenges in getting started on your resume. Then continue reading on and follow some of these tips:

1. Connection in Fashion

Having connections in the fashion world is very important when you want to get into a company. If you have any connections such as previously working with a person or organization, then it will help to add that detail to your resume as well. Supposed you used to work with a fashion stylist before, you may add them to your reference list (after asking their permission of course).

2. Mention Relevant Skills

If your previous job was connected to fashion, such as being a former employee at a fashion magazine, then add it to your resume to give yourself an advantage. Even if you’re a beginner in being a fashion designer, don’t let that intimidate you. Include the relevant professional skills that you’ve acquired from previous jobs to show potential employers that you’ve got what it takes. For example, if you’ve worked as an assistant before, then you may include the experiences and skills you’ve learned from there. Or, if you’re college graduate from a business course, then you can mention your knowledge of analysis and marketing trends, which is relevant to fashion as well.

3. Showcase Your Artistic Side

Apart from your portfolio, you can use your resume as a way to show your artistic skill as a fashion designer. To make it creative, you can choose a certain aesthetic, add some color, and include minor graphics. Doing this can show your potential employers your style and what you can bring as a fashion designer. Be mindful however and don’t go overboard with the imagery. 

4. Double-Check Any Errors

Before you print out your resume, make sure it is absent of any typos. Unless you have a very impressive credential, no employer will consider you if your resume sports a bunch of errors. Proofread your resume, for spelling mistakes, any unorganized information, and fact check to make sure there isn’t any false information. Have someone close to you take a look at your resume as well in case there’s any mistake that got past you. And once you’ve made sure, then you can print it out and get that job application done!