Fashion App Instagram Story Templates

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What Is a Fashion App Instagram Story?

A Fashion App Instagram Story is an app promotion Instagram story with Fashion content that entices potential customers to check out your fashion products or items. 

How to Create a Fashion App Instagram Story

Instagram stories are the perfect medium to introduce your brand, gain more followers, and convert followers to loyal customers. Since some of the businesses haven’t discovered yet the business use of Instagram story, it’s your time to get ahead from the strong competition. According to Instagram Business, 60% of customers claimed that they’ve discovered products through this application. Also, 1/3  of the most viewed stories are business-related. For your fashion app Instagram story, here are some tips we want to share. 

1. Keep Your Story Short and Sweet

Make your promotion story short and sweet by limiting word counts and putting too much designs. Keep it simple yet inviting. Although texts will be the first to get the attention, cluttered texts will not be appreciated by your target audience. 

2. Always Include Your Brand Logo

Your first aim in creating a business Instagram story is to raise brand awareness. So, it will be your best interest if you include your logo in all of your Instagram stories. If it’s always seen by your audience, your brand logo will be imprinted on their minds. 

3. Use Compelling Caption

Compelling captions will lead to more audience engagement. If you get more views and likes, your chance to get more followers, who can be your potential customers.

4. Don’t Forget a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Always add a call-to-action on your Instagram stories. They will direct potential customers to the next step towards increasing your sales

5. Use Hashtags the Right Way

Just like CTA, hashtags also promotes engagement. They are keys to categorize relevant fashion business topics, thus, attracting potential customers and improve your online visibility. 


  • What is the best time to post a promotion Instagram story?

      The best time to post your promotion Instagram stories is when you know that your audience is awake and ready for online engagements. In other words, you have to determine the time when your followers and target audience are available.

  • Why is the purpose of Instagram stories?

      The purpose of Instagram stories is to let someone share her everyday moments by sharing photos or short videos.

  • Are these Instagram stories helpful to my business?

      Instagram stories are helpful to business because as the study by the Instagram Business shows, 1/3 of the most viewed stories are about business.

  • Where can I create a fashion app Instagram Story?

      A fashion app Instagram story can be created using different devices such as PC, tablets, or even on your iPhone in various editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, PSD, Word, InDesign, and others. You can also download free ready-made templates and create a collage.

  • What are Instagram story templates?

      Instagram story templates are ready-made templates with layout, design, and text which you can customize to unfold your creative mind.